It’s All in the Details…

Gentlemen, if you want to look your best... It's all in the details. Photo Courtesy: RDECOM
Gentlemen, if you want to look your best… It’s all in the details. Photo Courtesy: RDECOM

By Kendra Kinion

It can be hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends, we know. Fads are ever-changing, confusing and downright ridiculous at times. Don’t fret. If you’re looking to spice up your daily grind, here are a few details your closet might be missing:

Photo Courtesy: Kent Wang
Photo Courtesy:
Kent Wang

Pocket Squares
I know you may be thinking pocket squares are just a useless piece of clothing with no functionality, but if you’re looking to pull your outfit together nothing will get this done better than a dapper pocket square. This trendy item will help you express your personality as well as escape the ordinary ensemble.

Photo Courtesy: meknits
Photo Courtesy:

Printed Sock Exposure
I have to admit this trend definitely is catching on. A man could be wearing the most basic suit but when you look down and see his printed socks, the outfit becomes his. If you’re going for a more modern look, coordinating your socks with your suit is a must.

Photo Courtesy: Eva Rinaldi
Photo Courtesy:
Eva Rinaldi

After you find the perfect suit style, it’s time to pick a fabric that fits your needs. If you’re a fan of modern suits you’ll be wearing suits made of wool. This fabric is good all year long. For other suit styles, you might find flannel also is a nice option. This fabric doesn’t breathe so you might get a little toasty while wearing this suit, making it a perfect option for the winter season. Next, there is cotton. Who doesn’t love cotton? Lastly, there’s linen. Linen suits work best during the warmer seasons. #YOLO!

Photo Courtesy: Kit
Photo Courtesy: Kit

Cuff Links
Like pocket squares, cuff links can be worn to convey your personality. This detail can go unnoticed by some but this tiny feature can make any outfit pop. To up your cuff link game, figure out which style best suits your attire. There are about seven different styles of cuff links for different occasions.

Photo Courtesy: reivax
Photo Courtesy: reivax

Suit Fit and Style
It’s irritating when a man does not have his suit tailored to his body. Alterations almost always have to be made after purchasing from the store. Men also must think about which suit style is best for them. There are many different styles of suits to choose from (i.e., modern slim, tailored, classic, etc.). No style is right or wrong, it’s all about preference. Keep in mind that suit trends vary with the seasons. For example, a cotton summer suit paired with bright colors won’t fly in winter. Which brings me to the next men’s fashion detail…

Photo Courtesy: Robert Sheie
Photo Courtesy:
Robert Sheie

Color Balance
Creating color balance in an outfit is essential. Accessories will bring your outfit together. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the shoes. A man could have on the best outfit, but if his shoes are a disaster, it can ruin the entire look. Remember, the right accessories can take your outfit to the next level.

Photo Courtesy: Garry Knight
Photo Courtesy:
Garry Knight

Rolling Sleeves
This detail may not seem very important but if you’re going to roll up your sleeves you might as well do it accurately. Different occasions call for different sleeve-rolling techniques. When you’re going for a casual look, it’s hot outside or you want to have the “working-man” style you definitely should roll your sleeves. It can be tedious, but there is an element of fun when deciding which technique is best for the ensemble.

Are you ready? Trust me, you are sure to impress with these small adjustments. There’s nothing better than looking and feeling your best!