What is RNG technology in virtual roulette and other casino games?

Photo Courtesy: Elen Yankovskaya

We all perfectly know what a game of roulette in a casino is and we know its mechanical principles of work. However, only few people know how virtual roulette works and by what principle it gives out combinations of numbers. In this article, we will describe the principle of the random number algorithm, because it is the RNG responsible for issuing winning and losing numbers.

A random number generator is a complex device that works according to a certain algorithm. Very often, such a concept can be found precisely in the online casino, because each roulette game works with this particular software. The generator is used in absolutely all casino games and applications, which are based on random coincidence of numbers. Blackjack, video poker and slot machines are also among them.

Work of the RNG in virtual roulette and other casino games

Many do not understand what RNG technology is. The number is taken as the basis by which the generator takes into account the following, according to the established algorithm. The number that will ultimately be the base for the next calculation. This process will be repeated an inexhaustible number of times. If you believe the theory, then the next number is easily calculated, but in practice this will not work.

Can this system deceive players?

Among newcomers and professional players, there is an opinion that the casino tightens up the results and knows when the jackpot will fall, thereby emptying the pockets of players and destroying their reserves. In fact, this cannot be done. With this opinion, only those who do not know the algorithm of work remain, therefore fraud in the casino system is absolutely excluded.

Is there any warranty that RNG is working correctly?

If the gambling site works legally and does not hide anything from its users, then among all documents there must be a certificate of conformity for the random number generator, which is a direct guarantee that players will receive their winnings according to rules.

In order to receive this document, operator must contact a special institution that will check the entire casino. Often, the sites that received the document do not hide anything and publish a verification icon in the most visible place on the site. A copy of the certificate is not attached for their own safety, because very often scammers use it and create various hacking routes, thereby causing huge damage to the casino.

Is it possible to hack the RNG in roulette or another casino game?

In fact, this program contains a huge degree of protection that has been used for many years and is distinguished by its stability, so we can safely say that the random number generator is a fairly reliable method that is used in modern casinos.