The Top 4 Ways Laurel Lance Returned to Arrow

Will Season 5 be the last for the CW's Arrow?
Everyone wants to know how Laurel Lance returned last fall to Arrow and we have some ideas!

By Alex Gustafson

With Laurel Lance’s return  to Arrow  at the end of the fall finale in December has left audience members puzzled with how she has returned.

After Damien Darhk stabbed  Laurel in episode of 18 of Season Four titled “11:59” fans of the character and the series seriously questioned the decision to kill off the primary love interest of Green Arrow from the character’s comic book history in a disjointed and poor sequence of events.

The four ways Laurel Lance possibly returned:

  1. The obvious explanation is that the Laurel Lance seen at the end of the winter finale is the Earth-2 doppelganger known as the Black Siren, first appearing during The Flash Season Two, but the big question is how did she come to be in Starling City and gain access to the Arrow Cave?
  2. Earth-1 Laurel Lance has been brought back to life by effects of Barry Allen’s adventures during the Flashpoint story arc.                                                                                                             This theory was very popular throughout the winter hiatus and I only see theory being plausible only if Barry told Oliver and company about Earth-2 Laurel during their crossover adventure this season and about his time traveling that created a new timeline.
  3. Has this version of Laurel come Starling City to steal something from Team Arrow and the bigger question is is she working alone or has she partnered with Prometheus or someone the audience has not seen yet?
  4. Will the Laurel Lance that has returned embrace the Black Canary persona?                            Earth-1 Laurel Lance never seemed to fully embrace the role of Black Canary and the double life that comes with it as an attorney in Starling City following Sara’s death during Season Three. If this is a different version of Laurel other than Earth-2’s Black Siren, the question remains who trained the version of Laurel present at the conclusion of the winter finale?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Whichever way the writers go, I believe that both Oliver/Laurel shippers and fans of the Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship in the comic books. I am excited as are fans for the return of series and upcoming episodes of Arrow.

    Arrow returned on January 25th at 7 pm Central on the CW.