The Three Big Sporting Events To Look Forward To This Summer

Photo Courtesy: Abed Ismail

Every summer is filled with sporting events, but 2021 is shaping up to be a particularly busy year for sport. Here’s a look at three of the big sporting events we can look forward to this summer. 

Euro 2020
There are very few sports that invoke as much passion and excitement in fans as football does. That’s why there is so much excitement whenever any of the big football tournaments are held. Very few tournaments are bigger than the Euros. The best teams across Europe play so many games over one month, with up to 4 games being played every day during the first couple of weeks of the competition. This year the schedule is looking particularly hectic, as for the first time, there are multiple host countries holding all of the different games. This means that the players will not only have a short amount of time to recover from each game, but they’ll have a short amount of time to travel to each different country as well. You can find out more about the Euro cup 2020 on the Unibet website, where they’ll have all the latest odds on all of the games. They even offer odds on things like the top goal scorer across the competition and who will be crowned champions at the end of the tournament.   

The Summer Olympics 
The Euros isn’t the only competition that’s been postponed from last year to this year. In fact, one of the world’s biggest sporting events has been moved to 2021. Virtually every country in the world, many of which you may have never even heard of, will be sending a team of athletes to take on a wide range of different sports. Whatever sport you’re into, there’ll be something to entertain everybody. There are sports, like the 100m sprint and weightlifting, that push athletes’ bodies to the limits of how quick or strong they can be. There are, of course, lots of team sports as well, like volleyball, rowing, and even the relay races, that require every member of the team to work in sync with one another. When the events are on, they normally take up a large chunk of the TV schedule, so you’ll be able to catch a sport being played throughout the day. 

Formula One 
While this championship is held every year, 2021 is already looking to be a standout year for Formula One. Unlike previous years, there isn’t just one team that is dominating every single race. After years of dominating the sport, Mercedes finally have teams beneath them that look like they can challenge them for the top spot in every race. Verstappen has already had a great start to the season. Whilst the points table shows that he’s lagging behind Lewis Hamilton, on the track, he’s already led a surprising number of laps during this year’s first few races. If he can just find the pace to keep Hamilton and the rest of his rivals behind him until he passes the chequered flag, then this could be one of the closest competitions in years.