Suit Yourself – June Edition

When it comes to men's fashion, this man has all the right answers.
When it comes to men’s fashion, this man has all the right answers.

By Dwayne Williams

What type of suits should I look for to beat the summer heat but still stay in style?
There is one suit that is by far the most refreshing and liberating. It is one that gives you unparalleled freedom of movement; however, it can only be worn indoors. If you want to venture out and about, I recommend a proper covering up with garments.

There’s nothing like the easy breezy comfort of a linen suit. Linen keeps you cool while giving you swag like Don Johnson on a beach stakeout. Many people choose to shy away from linen because it wrinkles, but I think the wrinkles are what make the fabric so richly unique.

Lightweight cotton can be a great option to stay fly but cool. Being freshly dipped in a well-fitted cotton suit will take you from the Kentucky Derby to a swanky uptown soiree.

Are my blazer and suit jackets interchangeable?
Yes, if you are on your way to your second interview and you wore the complete suit on the first interview. But as soon as you get the job, come see me immediately for a proper wardrobe. Suit jackets are for suits and blazers are blazers. If you don’t know the difference, definitely don’t try this at home. For best practice, take a look at the fabric and if it looks like it belongs to a suit, don’t wear it as a blazer.

I’m packing for a weekend business trip in LA, what should I bring along?
Depends on if you’re headed to Rivabella for appetizers and cocktails or you plan on swinging by a familiar spot near Florence and Normandy. If you opt for Rivabella after your meetings then plan to pack a sports coat, a few nice wovens, two matching ties, a pair of dark jeans, a dress shoe, and a driver moccasin. This should take you virtually everywhere in LA to blend in…except Florence and Normandy.

What is the right watch to complement a suit without drawing too much attention to it?
The watch is one of the last pieces to boost your swagmeter. Never wear a watch that isn’t well crafted. The best watches are the ones that resemble your personality. Family heirlooms are also cool to wear. Vintage classics can be a perfect extension to a wide lapelled, chalk stripe, super 150’s, and double-breasted number. We’ve all heard that a watch can be quite the conversation piece…

The Numerology Of Suits
$402 Billion – Projected menswear World Market earnings in 2014
50 Million – Number of men’s suits sold in the U.S. in 2012
64 – The percentage of American men that don’t own a single suit
1 – Number of television shows named Suits