Red River Rivalry Drinking Venues

Great drinking venues + great game = great time. Simple math right?
Great drinking venues + great game = great time. Simple math right?

By Frank LaCosta

Don’t have a ticket to the game and don’t want to watch it alone at home then let our list be your guide. Wear your colors, support your team and hook up with a girl from the opposing school. Sound advice right?

Angry Dog – Close enough to the stadium without actually having to be there. Get fired up eating the“superhot” wings then cool off with some cool brews.

Barcadia – If the game ends up being a blowout at least you can chill on the patio or hangout inside and play video games from the 80s.

Christies Sports Bar – Old school bar with tradition. Not a bad seat in the place. After the game wander up and down McKinney Avenue like you’re on a quest.

The Ginger Man – Truly a cool hangout and an awesome selection of beer to choose from. Plus you might meet someone richer than yourself. Cougars?

Granada Theater – Watch the game on a giant screen and get that stadium seating feel. Berate your opponent. Then come up back for some live music that night.

San Francisco Rose – If you’re going to watch a historic game then why not go to Dallas’ first sports bar. Good drink prices and hot co-eds will be there for the taking.

Texan Station Sports Bar & Grill – Big game. Big ass hotel. Big 30-by-52 foot screen. Get blitzed and then check into the hotel to sleep for three days. Big bill at the end of it all.