College Football Playoff Rankings Reaction

Once again there is controversy brewing with the initial release of the CFP top 25 rankings.
There is controversy in regards to the November 10 College Football Playoff rankings.

By Matthew Behrndt

The committee released their most recent rankings on Tuesday night, after a week which saw three more teams lose their undefeated rankings.

LSU, TCU and Michigan State moved down, and yes one of them lost in what some would say was controversial. The other two, not so much. Michigan State fans were not happy after the game against Nebraska after a wide receiver seemed to step out on his own. Unfortunately for Michigan State, it probably means that they will not be a part of the “Final Four Playoff” this year.

LSU and TCU on the other hand still have a shot. LSU, as long as they win out and Alabama loses one more could represent the SEC West. For TCU, they need to win out since they still have to play Oklahoma and Baylor and they need Oklahoma State to lose twice.

The committee proved that they pay emphasis the eye test. TCU who was dismantled by Oklahoma State dropped seven spots. LSU also dropped seven spots after being easily handled by Alabama. Meanwhile Michigan State only dropped six spots after losing on a last second touchdown. This is a great example of how the committee feels about how you lose.

However the committee seems to lack the ability to notice good wins. I get that Alabama won easily but they’re not undefeated. Clemson should stay at one but Ohio State should’ve moved to two. Alabama meanwhile should have only moved up one spot to number three.

The number four spot which is now occupied by Notre Dame is a little more tricky. It makes sense because Notre Dame has had a tougher schedule as of this week. But, if either Oklahoma State or Baylor run the table then Notre Dame will lose their spot. Once again, if all the teams from the Big 12 lose at least one game then it will look like the Big 12 will be left out again.

It’s important to understand that this week was kind of a buffer week. The committee played it safe and picked teams that have had tougher schedules and still have good records. The pick for Iowa over Baylor makes sense because you can’t reward a team on a bye week. The committee basically said with these picks, let’s wait and see. The Big 12 is a good conference and if a team runs the table they will be in. If not, then the possibility is still there that the committee could look and say, yeah the Big 12 near the end had a good enough schedule but no true undefeated conference champion.

There are a few games to look forward to this weekend that could clear up the the playoff picture. Alabama at Mississippi State could be a potential upset and really shake things up. Minnesota at Iowa could also be a potential upset because Minnesota has played very well these past few games. Lastly, and probably the most important is Oklahoma traveling to Baylor. If Baylor loses, it opens up a clear path for Oklahoma State to be in the College Football Playoff.