Paul Pierce Ticketed to Play For Clippers

Father Time is catching up to the great Paul Pierce which is why playing for the Clippers makes sense. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison
Father Time is catching up with Paul Pierce which is why playing for the Clippers makes sense.
Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

By Michael Hanley

Paul Pierce is sizing up his next season in the NBA and signs point to him playing ball in Los Angeles.

The future hall of famer player hasn’t officially let it be known where he intends to play next season. The Clippers option though is very attractive for him on many fronts. First he would be reunited with his former Celtics head coach in Doc Rivers, for who he had tremendous success with, including winning an NBA championship in 2008. They were known to have a very close and tight relationship throughout the years that they both were in Boston together. Pierce knows how Doc Rivers likes to play basketball and what he expects out of all of his players night in and night out.

He would be a great presence in a Clippers locker room that could use a boost of veteran leadership after some friction was disclosed through reports after their season ended this year. He is a great leader who knows how to win at a high level, has no problem mentoring younger players and is almost a coach on the floor with his very high basketball IQ that he has accumulated over his years in the league. His presence would help this Clippers group, which is trying to break down the door and get to the franchise’s first NBA Finals in team history. As well as to possess a tougher mentality as a team and keep everyone on the same page through the may ups and downs of the NBA season and the rough and tumble Western Conference.

He would make for a very solid small forward for this Clippers team and would be able to split time with recently signed Lance Stephenson at the position and be able to be inserted into the rotation when the Clippers would need a legitimate knockdown shooter who can also create his own shot at anytime. His passion and want to win at all costs attitude would also rub off on this group and get them into those championship habits that we heard so much from the Warriors this past season on their way to their NBA championship.

I am not saying he single handily will lift them to the Larry O’Brien trophy but having a veteran leader like him on the team can only help LA’s chances of getting over the hump and becoming that group that breaks through for the franchise.

Another appealing aspect of playing for the Clippers for Pierce is that he gets to play in his hometown of Los Angeles. It seems like young players do not really care where they play as long as it is with an NBA team playing where ever. At that point in time, they are trying to established themselves as legitimate professional players finding their way through the league and making the adjustments as to how the game of basketball is played at the NBA level.

When you get to Pierce’s age and point in a basketball career, reflection starts to kick in and the end line is not as far in the distance as it once was. Where you play as a veteran can have a big impact on just how motivated you are to go all out for this specific franchise. Playing in his hometown of LA, I have to believe will motivate Pierce even more to give this upcoming NBA season his best knowing how much fans care about basketball in the city.

The dream of him winning another NBA title and in his hometown with a franchise dying for a championship and doing it possibly before he hangs it up, is way too good of an opportunity to pass up for him.