New, Soon-To-Be-New Restaurants in Dallas

Steven Doyle is always on the prowl to keep you informed of the spots in Dallas for dining. Photo Courtesy: Steven Doyle
Steven Doyle is always on the prowl to keep you informed of the hot spots in Dallas for dining.
Photo Courtesy: Steven Doyle

By Steven Doyle

There has been a rash of new restaurants that opened recently you need to try out and plenty more to open in the coming months. Let’s take a look at the new hot spots, and peek at what is coming soon.

Clark Food & Wine opened on Greenville Ave. a few months back, and already has proven to be a super new place to not only grab a great bite, but also is a perfect watering hole. The place makes some crazy good cocktails, all chef-driven, and has a beautiful beer and wine selection. There’s plenty of local brews on tap, including Peticolas, Community and Lakewood.

The cuisine at Clark is more tapas-style, but hearty and more giving than any shared menu in the city. In addition to the shared plates, you will find a great selection of flatbreads, artisan sandwiches and smoked meats. There also is a pretty damned good crab roll on the menu that will prove haunting. For brunch, try out the smoked fried chicken. Clark Food & Wine Company is located at 1920 Greenville Ave. in Dallas.

Henry’s Majestic has a funny name, but the food is definitely playful. The chef was most recently spotted on television’s Hell’s Kitchen where she did an amazing job representing Dallas. The cocktails and beer are unsurpassed in quality, and the food plays along nicely as well.

We particularly enjoyed the burger which is blended with a very high-end Japanese beef and bone marrow. If you are unfamiliar, bone marrow tastes like meat jam would, if there was such a beast. This gives the burger an extra rich and intense flavor that no other burger can match.

The menu at Henry’s isn’t huge, but runs the gamut of interesting items such as pho, steaks, and interesting sandwiches. A visit to Henry’s definitely will make you grin, and win points on that important date. Located at 4900 McKinney Ave.

Eureka! is a new upscale burger joint located in Uptown and you are going to love this one. The location is insanely good, at the new 3700 building on McKinney. The lines have already started to form, and on our most recent visit there was a good wait for a seat on a Tuesday evening. The reason they are waiting is because the burgers rock. Hard.

Eureka! also has a bone marrow-infused burger, although a bit pricey at 16 bucks. But there are plenty to choose from and a slew of interesting appetizers. With 40 craft beers on tap, this modern gem has a menu that includes ossobuco “riblets,” a breakfast burrito with flat iron steak that is served up all day, and butterscotch rum pudding sprinkled with sea salt for dessert. What is not to love? You can find it at 3700 McKinney Ave.

Oso Food & Wine, a seemingly popular moniker for a restaurant this season, is kind of sort of Mediterranean. There is not a bad item on this menu, and definitely is a home run. Oso benefits from the region’s braising techniques and kicked-up flavors. A shining example would be the Lamb Kofta, made with Moroccan spices, and pickled shallots, served with an olive salad and blistered shishitos. The Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates with a piquillo sauce also screams Mediterranean.

There are some pretty terrific seafood dishes available, as you would certainly expect. We were taken back with the Grilled Big Eye Tuna, with harissa, grilled eggplant tabouli, and a drizzle. You also find currently a beautiful pan roasted halibut. Oso is located at 11910 Preston Road at Forest Lane (NE corner) next to Tom Thumb.

TNT Tacos and Tequila is the latest restaurant to pop up in the Quadrangle in Uptown. The menu is modular with tacos such as spicy chicken, burritos, salads and other expected items. Taco fillings include chimichurri beef, pulled pork and vegetarian items such as fried artichoke hearts. Look for a vast assortment of margaritas and a brunch that will make your toes wiggle. Go to 2800 Routh St.

We also promised a short list of exciting new restaurants that are coming soon to Dallas:

Braindead Brewing will be an extravagant brewpub with some amazing elements. First, it will be opening in Deep Ellum and will be serving great beers. 42 of them on tap to be exact and a dozen of which actually will be made in house. The owners claim they will open this winter. It will be located at 2626 Main St.

C’Viche Tequila Bar already should be open by the time you read this and it is owned and neighbored by the same couple that owns Clark Food & Wine. This will be a bit different, serving up a variety of global ceviches and plenty of tequilas to choose from. This will be fast-casual, so not expensive, with drinks targeted at about $6.

Dallas Grilled Cheese Company is another one that already should be open. Think all grilled cheese, all the time. Located in the Bishop Arts section of Oak Cliff, this restaurant is highly anticipated. You’ll find it at 310 W. Seventh St.

Luscher’s is one that has all the foodie types excited. Owned and operated by Bryan Luscher, the owner of The Grape. Luscher’s promises insanely good hot dogs that the chef makes himself and a Chicago-style hot Italian beef sandwich that should make us all happy. Located in Deep Ellum. We already are standing in line.

Rodeo Goat is the innovative burger joint from Fort Worth that has everyone yapping. It is sincerely one of the best burgers to ever cross my lips and is scheduled to arrive around press time in the Dallas Design District. This is where I learned to love reindeer meat. Yea, it’s that crazy. Look for it at 1926 Market Center Blvd.

Uchi. I shouldn’t have to say more, but this is where Dallas gets a load of cool delivered straight from Austin. Look for the new Japanese restaurant to open this winter on Maple Ave. near the Stoneleigh Hotel.

The chef-owner is Tyson Cole who is an American sushi master. Named one of the Top 10 “Best New Chefs” in 2005 by Food & Wine Magazine, he led a team of Uchi chefs against Chef Masaharu Morimoto on the Food Network program Iron Chef America. He also has been named a semifinalist in 2008, 2009, and 2010 for the James Beard Foundation Award in the category “Best Chef: Southwest.” Uchi will be the toughest reservation in Dallas.

With all the exciting restaurants coming, and believe me there are many more than I listed here, Dallas will be elevated to an even greater food city, a destination of which we all may be proud.