New Fruit Machines to Play

Photo Courtesy: Bill Smith

Ever since Charles D. Fey put the finishing touches to his infamous Liberty Bell slot machine back in the late 1800s the world has been getting more and more transfixed by this infectious new arrival on the casino gambling scene – spill spilleautomater. Slots machines and fruit machines resembled a new technological breakthrough in the gambling world, one that attracted an incredible amount of new gamblers, and ultimately helped pave the way for the 20th century gambling explosion. 

By now fruit machines are commonplace in loads of different places, not just brick and mortar casinos. Go to your local pub, for instance, and you will most probably find a fruit machine lurking in the corner, and the same can be said of a club, chip shop or bar. But here’s the thing: in the 21st century there is one place where you will find way more fruit machines than anywhere else, and that is inside online casinos. Keep reading for some new fruit machines to play. 

Why are fruit machines called fruit machines? 

First things first though, one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to fruit machines is quite simple – why are they even called fruit machines? Sure, fruit machines often have fruit related icons, but they don’t pay out fruit prizes or anything like that, so why are they called fruit machines? Well, the answer is based in history, and it is actually pretty interesting… 

You see, back in the early days of slot gambling it was still illegal to gamble in the US, which meant that slot machines such as Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell were technically against the law, and therefore still more obscure than you might imagine. Fruit machines took the concept, however instead of any money being involved the prizes were fruit flavoured sweets or gum. Hence the term fruit machine! 

Best new fruit machines to play 

That’s the interesting history of fruit machines out of the way; let’s take a look at some of the best new fruit machines to play online in 2020: 

  •         Fruitoids: Coming off the back of infamous titles like Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go To Hell, the Scandinavian developer Yggdrasil has amassed quite a few dedicated fans over the last few years, and there is no surprise because their online slots are consistently top-notch. Fruitoids is a fruit machine from the developer that marries a classic fruit machine aesthetic with exciting modern features such as sticky wins. And you know what else? With an RTP of 96.7% Fruitoids resembles a pretty lucrative slot game too!
  •         Imperial Fruits: 100 Lines: Oh yes, you read that correctly – this Playson fruit machine has 100 available paylines, which means there are some seriously hefty jackpot wins to get your hands on here, up to 400x your bet on each spin to be exact. This fruit machine also has very simple gameplay, which means it is the perfect fruit machine for gamblers who are wanting a nostalgic and carefree experience.