Movie Review of Burnt

Burnt stars Bradley Cooper as Chef Adam Jones offers a few spoonfuls of compelling culinary drama. Photo Courtesy: The Weinstein Company
Burnt starring Bradley Cooper as Chef Adam Jones offers a few spoonfuls of compelling culinary drama, but not much else. Photo Courtesy: The Weinstein Company

By Darius Williams

Set in London, the storyline of Burnt is a familiar one. The “upper crust” world of high end culinary mastery serves as the backdrop of this docile yet interesting plot. The lead character, Adam Jones, played by Bradley Cooper, is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict whose past was a mixture of elite level chef work and a self destructive lifestyle that left him with many enemies.

After what was a self imposed detoxification period in New Orleans shelling oysters, (a million oysters to be exact) at a dingy roadside diner Jones makes an effort to to re-enter the culinary world. He reaches out to a former friend who he turned into an enemy with his previous irresponsible ways, to take over at his struggling restaurant in London. Jones soon lines up a team of former friends to help him achieve his goal of getting his third Michelin Star, a level which few are able to achieve.

The chase for that third star doesn’t come without it’s share of hurdles. Plenty of plate slinging pursuits if food perfection takes place in the is movie. Of course there has to be a love interest for the recovering “womanizer” Jones Helene played by the beautiful Sienna Miller, a single mother trying to make her way in the culinary world. They bump heads early in the movie but of course she eventually falls for the “five o’clock shadowed” bad boy of the kitchen.

The movie ends about like all these “recovery attempt” movies do. Jones ultimately accomplishes what he sets to achieve. The movie tails off in the end after a fast moving and action filled first hour of the one hour and forty minute film.

Solid movie but not a must see film. I’d give it 2.5 STARS out of five.