Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos Preview

Stopping Adrian Peterson is the top priority for the Broncos defense this Sunday. Photo Courtesy: Joe Bielawa
Stopping Adrian Peterson is the top priority for the Broncos defense this Sunday.
Photo Courtesy: Joe Bielawa

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos
Sunday – October 4 – 3:25 pm CT
Sports Authority Field at Mile High – Denver

This will be a must see game. I would say it’s the “Game of the Week”. The new look pistol formation gives Peyton Manning the choice to option out of the run to a quick pass that he loves so much. And Adrian Peterson is back on track running like the beast he is. Let’s take a look at the keys for a Bronco win. Special teams will be the key for ball placement and field position which would allow the offense less of a struggle in the running game.

The Pistol formation is vital with the new scheme on offense. When Gary Kubiak was hired by John Elway this off season, there were some hesitant feelings by bringing in a coach that believed in pounding the ball instead of the pass first offense that Manning was used to leading. It’s like Brett Farve not running out of the pocket to make plays. It just won’t work. But, by installing this type of offense Manning can read the defense a little faster than usual. He’s not the most mobile quarterback, but he has a little more time to get rid of the ball. Manning has taken more sacks than he would like, but the pistol set gives him escapability (Made up word) so he won’t get sacked so much. Let’s see how the Vikings defense defends their goal line when Manning gets hot!

The key is stopping the run. Over the past three weeks the defense has be on a mission! The linebackers are stuffing the line so there’s less of a threat for an opposing running back to break a long run. Adrian Peterson comes to Denver this week and he runs with aggression. Aqib Talib and the rest of the defensive backs are waiting for Teddy Bridgewater with his erratic passes. Now, when Bridgewater is on, he can be an effective quarterback, but if he starts slow he will turn it over. The defensive line has to apply pressure on him.

The Broncos will win by two touchdowns. Who cares what the spread is. The game will come down to the last five minutes of the 4th quarter. Broncos 28 – Vikings 14