Mark Hunt or Francis Ngannou next for Derrick Lewis


By Kyler Kuehler

Derrick Lewis earned the biggest win of his career Sunday night at UFC Fight Night 105 as he made an epic comeback against Travis Browne in the second round to put the six foot seven giant to sleep with punches, thus proving why he is a force to be reckoned with.

Now Lewis looks to take some time off before getting back in the octagon, but in a backstage interview, he did mention interest in facing the “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt in his return.

Now Hunt is scheduled to face Alistair Overeem at UFC 209, but regardless of the outcome, it would be interesting to see. I mean the fight makes perfect sense as both men are indeed heavy hitters among the heavyweight division and it would be interesting to see how well Lewis holds up to Hunt’s power and just how much damage Lewis could lay upon Hunt with his massive striking power. They are not easy opponents and to place them against each other makes for a possible war that will decide who s the deadliest striker in the heavyweight division. Oh, this fight is already starting to feel great and seems that it must take place

But before we get too much into the intensity this fight could bring we must also wonder if Lewis has another opponent already lined up for him, who is none other than rising star Francis Ngannou.

Yes, Ngannou would be another great opponent for Lewis as he too has great striking power that could be another challenge for Lewis and all for the fact they have both been on such a great rise in their past few fights makes for a matchup to decide who will be next in line for a crack at the belt.

Even the ground game both bring to their fights would be quite exciting to see how it plays out with Lewis being an all out ground-and-pound fighter where Ngannou relies on grappling to wear his opponents down and look for the submission victory. With all these two dominate fighters bring to the table who would not want to see them go at it against each other.

Now, it will still be time before Lewis’ next opponent is announced, but fans do not need to worry because, after his dominant knockout over Travis Browne, Dana White and the UFC will make sure he gets an opponent that will possibly be the next step into title contention if he wins.