Lucy Scholl Releases Self-Titled EP

Dallas local Lucy Scholl released her self titled EP recently that is worth listening to. Photo Courtesy: Big Picture Media
Dallas local Lucy Scholl released her self-titled EP recently. Photo Courtesy: Big Picture Media

By Orion Davis

Lucy Scholl is from Dallas, Texas and she is a magnificent musician. She plays the acoustic guitar and she writes true-to-life songs. The emotional song “Blue Eyes” was written at the start of her songwriting career. She said that it came from her heart and with the purest of emotions. Trust me, all of her songs do.

Even before she self-released her EP, she was making a name for herself. Her song entitled “Walk with Me” was utilized in a campaign for the National Arthritis Foundation’s walks regarding charity. That really does warm my heart even more. I know that she is proud of that achievement.

On December 13, 2013, Lucy placed the single “The First Noel” on the market. That song showcases her voice to the extreme. There’s some light guitar in the background. Tears most likely will fall from your eyes while listening to it.

She took a year off to soul-search. Believe me, she definitely found herself. Lucy took some trips to Nashville to record her soon-to-be classic EP. It is terrific and it had me thinking about my ex-wife, ex-girlfriends, and every other lady that I was acquainted with over the years.

The songs will make you have good days. The track “Feel Alright” is a roller coaster ride of a song. It made me think of the times when I sat near fireplaces with ladies; having extensive, romantic talks. Lucy is a genius and she shines bright.

The song “All My Life” is softer and she soothes us with her words. Lucy is really honest and she knows a lot. I really appreciate her sincerity. The track “Blue Eyes” rocks emotionally and it will actually move you; without hesitation.

The track “Running On Empty” is interesting and has awesome melodies that delve into the heart. Lucy has a different way of harmonizing that will pass the test of time. She can not lose because her music is authentic and cathartic.

The final tack “Stay Awhile” will have you reminiscing often. She really knows her stuff and she is not about any fluff. I know for a fact that this EP will be listened to repeatedly. The songs even gave me more reasons to treat others completely right every time.

For more information about Lucy Scholl, visit her official website.