Sounds Off at the Official Grammy Party at SXSW

LiveMusicCast (Photo/LiveMusicCast)

AUSTIN, Texas — (LMC) was officially launched during the official party of the Grammy and Recording Academy during SXSW in Austin. LMC is a new platform that allows music-related venues and clubs to broadcast live events globally without the complexity and cost of many pay-per-view options. is a great opportunity enabling independent live-performance venue owners to engage and increase their brand awareness to local, regional, national and global communities who may be interested in specific touring artists or the unique programming of that venue. For indie bands and various performing artists, the LMC platform can allow their audiences and fan base to virtually attend any performance they choose to broadcast. The platform can accommodate supplemental audiences of hundreds of thousands of additional viewers to these venues without sacrificing quality, while providing additional revenues to the venues and the artists.

“The key feature of LMC is the high-quality fidelity of the live audio content. Historically, consumers have been forced to settle on heavily compressed, mono and even ‘pixelated’ audio experience while streaming live performances, delivering a less than stellar aural experience. Through its proprietary technology proven over the past 5 years through various educational, professional and private venues, LMC has refined its audio signal meeting or exceeding the ‘ears’ of the most discriminating audiophile,” says Anjan Shah, head of marketing and experienced musician.

“ is a chance to provide much needed additional income for artists that aren’t the multimillionaire headliners. This platform was created for the professional artist that loves to perform and wants to broaden their audiences while feeding their families. It is also a great opportunity for smaller venues to become more of a household name globally for outsiders of the select locations and to generate additional revenues,” says Ted Gee, president. “There are many musicians that need more income, and this is another way. Whether it is music cities such as Austin, Nashville, Memphis, or larger markets like New York or Los Angeles, this is another opportunity for musicians and venue owners to make more money while broadening their audiences.”

LMC conducted its pilot from a venue in Washington, DC in 2017 and had a successful first experience. LMC will be launching in a few key cities over the next few months and coming to a location near you soon!

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