Link Building: The Pros and Cons


Anyone researching what it takes to land on the first page of Google will most certainly encounter the term ‘link building’.  As one of the key components of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this phrase describes the act of connecting external links to your website. By providing readers with these hyperlinks, you are at the same time delivering a better user experience which is a significant search engine ranking factor.

Although you might read in certain articles that the golden days of link building are over, this form of marketing is still highly effective. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate. Let the experts from Morrisey Video Production handle the video distribution and promotion for you, to add the video to your social media channels and website. You can also make use of many different materials with flat-cut lettering technology similar to this dimensional signage.

Also, reaching out to a reputable SEO company owner like Damon Burton for some multiple tactics will boost your traffic and enhance the visibility of your brand. For your digital marketing needs such as SEO, an agency like WebCitz, LLC could be of great help.

However, there are some pros and cons you need to be aware of before you start linking.     

What Are the Pros of Link Building?

1.   Increased website traffic

According to a good seo agency, the main goal of this strategy is to make your content more reliable and attract new readers while also not alienating the old ones. For this to happen, you need to connect your articles to high-authority websites.

This is not the fastest way of enhancing your user-engagement but it does pay off in the long-run. If you don’t do this, your site or page will be seen as a dead-end by search engines.

Blacklink management software can help you bring more visitors to your webpage. As experts from SEOJet say – by using multiple software tools, you  will make this whole process as easy and efficient as possible. In addition to SEO strategies and software, you may also consider conducting research surveys among your customers using a Qualtrics software to collect their insights and feedback.

They provide you with the deep analyzes of your top-ranked competitors, and the best possible anchor text. When done the right way, link building will make your site or page generate more traffic.

2.   Better search engine ranking

Everyone who is in the business of creating online content is dreaming of appearing on the first page of a search engine. However, this is not easily done. After all, in the ever-growing virtual world, the number of articles covering the same subject is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Getting to the top is not simple but it’s also not impossible. That’s where link building comes in. Recognized by Google as one of the most prominent ways of deciding how reliable a certain page or site is, incorporating external links into your content will definitely influence ranking.

However, bear in mind that it’s not about the quantity but the quality of links you provide to your readers. Only by enhancing user-experience will you be able to appear among the top-ranked results.

3.   Enhances Brand Awareness

Another perk of using this strategy is that it brings more recognition to your brand. If a site with high popularity ranking sends a link to your page, it will most certainly affect the way you’re seen by the search engine. It will make you look more credible and reliable.

With this happening, your content will become more visible to the readers. It’s simply an amazing promotion and you will see your page traffic increase exponentially.

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What Are the Cons of Link Building?

1.   Being Penalized for Misuse

The road to the top is rarely easy or quick but that doesn’t mean that people will not try and find a way to manipulate the system. The termblack hat which refers to practices which people use to increase their page or site ranking but which go against the search engine terms and conditions.    

You need to understand that using these SEO methods can have you seriously penalized. Your site can even get banned from search engines. These tactics are no secret and have been openly denounced on both Google and Bing Webmaster Guidelines.

Keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects, link farms, doorway pages, content automation, and negative SEO, are just some of the practices you will find on the search engine forbidden tactics list.

If you start using them, don’t think you’ll be able to get away with it for a long time. The algorithms designed to search for this sort of behavior are getting better and better and in no time you will have to face serious consequences and maybe even say goodbye to your online presence.

2.   Time-Consuming Procedure

Link building is a procedure that requires a certain level of skill and knowledge as well as a lot of dedication. It’s not something that can make you popular overnight but over a significant period of time.

And, just to be clear, we are talking about months or even years. You need to have a significant number of high-quality external links incorporated into your content. So, being patient will be crucial to reach this goal.

This is not a small undertaking and there are many things you need to think about. So, if you’re already running on a tight schedule, you’ll probably have to hire some to do this for you. The SEO specialist will keep tags on important things such as keywords and clean URLs, making your brand more approachable and increasing the number of visitors.

3.   The Negative Effect of Inbound Links with Poor Rating

Any kind of shady behavior will be noticed and sanctioned. Don’t think you can fool search engines. Creating some pages with the sole purpose of link building and expecting to land on the first page of Google will not happen. This will be labeled as a black hat tactic and you will be ranked even lower than if you haven’t added any link at all.

Link building is a valuable SEO strategy and can significantly contribute to your webpage popularity. That is if done properly. The rules are clear. Search engines are not secretive about the tactics they see as a black hat so all you have to do is stay away from them. If all this is new to you and you don’t have the time to do all the necessary research, hiring an expert from Bangkok’s leading SEO agency would be a good idea.

The bottom line is – as long as you produce high-quality content that adds value to the user experience, your traffic will grow. Link building is one of the best ways of promotions for online marketers but don’t forget that these things take time. Cortney Fletcher’s eCom babes course and link building are investments that will pay off in the long run. So, be smart about it, and don’t forget to be patient.