Line Them Up! Week 1 NFL Picks!

Are you betting on Peyton Manning and Denver this Sunday? Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
Are you betting on Peyton Manning and Denver this Sunday? Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal

By Will Martin

Since taking to blogging in 2001 I have freely offered picks, opinion and pans for games each week that the NFL does its thing all the way to the Super Bowl. Still kicking myself for believing the Broncos could handle the Seahawks in New Jersey.

That cost me a football pool, one that I led all season. Hence we start a new season.

One thing that is definitely for sure in the NFL: nothing is for sure. There will always be the element of surprise, injuries, the weather, spot starters, and the occasional Hail Mary play that ruins all football pools.

Anyone can try to pick winners head to head. Add the element of handicapping with point spreads and then there’s no telling what can happen. Since 2001 yours truly has partaken in picking each and every game in the NFL season all the way to the Super Bowl. On average I’ll get the correct result 62% of the time.

That is my personal goal each and every year. I’ll have to deal with the occasional 8-8 week or 12-4 week then so be it.

As we go into the start of the 2014 season in the NFL I expect both the Patriots and Seahawks to meet in the Super Bowl come February.

Each week while making a pick I will also target a lock of the week and a possible upset pick.

Beginning with Thursday night’s game, the return to the Emerald City and the ‘Fail Mary’ game (where replacement refs jobbed the Pack out of a game) it will be a rocking Link when the defending Super Bowl champions take on Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers and crew are a five point underdog. Put a different way they’ll probably need more than two touchdowns to keep up with the beast mode antics of Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. To say nothing of what Richard Sherman and the rest of the defense will contribute in the turnovers department.

This game will be my lock of the week. No way in hell the Packers win in Seattle. Too loud, too tough, too physical a battle in their house. Take Seattle (-5) to win and cover rather easily.

As for the rest of the action on September 7 and 8 I like:

New Orleans (-3), Minnesota (+3.5), Pittsburgh (-6.5), Jacksonville (+10.5), Oakland (+5.5), Baltimore (-1.5), Buffalo (+7) as a possible upset for the weekend, Houston (-3), Kansas City (-3), New England (-4.5), Tampa Bay (-2.5), San Francisco (-4.5), Denver (-7.5), Detroit (-6), and San Diego (+3) in the Monday Nighters for Week 1.

10-6 is always the goal each week. Anything more is gravy. Anything less is unacceptable.

The NFL is back. For many this is the real reason to watch. The chance to make some serious cash, or as my friends like to say, ‘Make some skrilla from a thilla’.

Whatever works. Happy watching and be sure to only bet what you can afford.