Line Em Up! Week 2 NFL Picks!

With Adrian Peterson out, Tom Brady should be a safe bet on Sunday. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
With Adrian Peterson out, Tom Brady should be a safe bet on Sunday. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal

By Will Martin

All of a sudden I feel like the Dallas Cowboys.

One week into the season and I’m already exhausted with all the twists and turns that took place in the space of roughly 36 hours. 16 games altogether.

Picking winners head to head is one thing. Trying to test your powers of handicapping with points spreads is another matter entirely.

For the record Week 1 was 10-6 straight up and a frustrating 8-8 against the spread (ATS from here on in).

In the seconds I was jumping for joy when Oakland closed the gap to 19-14 in NJ and cursing both the Steelers and Broncos for not closing out their games defensively.

A game like the Chargers gave away is okay as they still had the points to cover. Buffalo’s win in Chicago surprised me.

The Jaguars at one point had a 27.5 point lead before the angry Philadelphia faithful got to working it on the Jacksonville Jokesters.

All of a sudden I can’t wait for that psuedo game November 9 across the pond in London, England.

Alas, a .500 record after one week of picks is okay. Not good but okay. Week by week we try to get to 10-6 with the picks.

There was a game last night in Baltimore. That great little city that has been such the powderkeg for trouble with Ray Rice and now the curiosity of who saw the videotape and who didn’t.

I cannot tell a lie. Based on their poor performance against the Bengals on Sundays I thought that the Steelers (+2.5) would try to redeem themselves after a lackluster game against their hated rival the Browns.

Pittsburgh proved me wrong. Baltimore won going away 26-6. I won’t the Steel Crew again until they actually win a game and cover.

Now sitting at 0-1 going into Week 2 of the NFL season for the rest of the action I believe that: Buffalo (+1), Washington (-5.5), Tennessee (-3.5), NYG (+2.5), New England (-3), Cleveland (+6.5) as a possible upset special to win outright, Cincinnati (+5), Carolina (-2.5), Rams (+6), Seattle (-6), Oakland (+3), Green Bay (-8.5), Denver (-13.5), San Francisco (-7) in their brand spanking new stadium, and Philadelphia (+3) to do the unthinkable and run wild on the Colts come Monday Night.

No more Ray Rice, and sadly now there’s no Adrian Peterson as he now faces some legal issues of his own. Not a good week for the NFL on or off the field. How TMZ can get access to things that the NFL cannot is beyond me.

Be sure to bet safely and always stay within your means.

Enjoy Week 2.

10-6 or disappointed.