High Note: The Singer Porsche 911 Indonesia

For a mere $385,000 you too can own of these. Call us when you have it!
For a mere $350,000 you too can own of these. Call us or Mozart when you have it!

The Singer Porsche 911 Indonesia is ready for its solo

By C. Craig Patterson

Lots of people have called the Singer 911s Frankencars” because of their piecing together of different models to geta desired experience. I see it to be more refined than that. Symphonic even. After all, we are not sitting out back with beer in hand reminiscing about when a friend of ours threw a supercharger in our car behind a shed. We are discussing the revival of a 20-year-old 964 model Porsche. Just as a variety of instruments are needed to produce the overture of Mozart’s Opera 7, former Rock-n-Roller Rob Dickinson and the engineers at Singer meticulously orchestrate the right blend of harmony on the road.

That is the 911 Indonesia – a powerful coupe encased in a dark grey exterior with fire engine red inlays and crafted around supple Recaro seats. The Indonesia’s maestro is a 3.6-liter flat-six that makes music fine enough for the Performing Arts Center, a 6-speed manual transmission worthy of its German heritage, an overhauled chassis, and premium suspension. Dickinson has optimized every corner of this vehicle and when that much concentrated thought is poured into it a car ceases to be a car and becomes something else entirely; something greater than just the sum of its parts. What that is varies from person to person, but for me the Indonesia has a little bit of the soul of the builder between the wheels. And if you just listen close enough you can hear Mozart scream. We’re not saying that there aren’t other cars out there worth the $350,000 that it’ll take to park the Indonesia in your garage. We’re just asking why would you want them?