He’s Back!!

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is back and ready for action! Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

Early Monday morning a trainer walks through the locker room at The Star in Frisco, Texas and sees Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott sitting in his locker area with his head down staring at his jersey, clinched in his hands. One would think that he would show up with the team and have pre-workout breakfast. No sir! Dak is two hours early fighting back butterflies before getting on the field with his team. The world is watching as he’s gearing up for the 2021-22 season. Last season was a heart breaker for Prescott and the team. The Cowboys offense used four different quarterbacks and after a miserable start to the season, just barely missed the playoffs. Zeke Elliott was lackluster and the offense played as if they met each other in the parking lot right before the games it seemed.

Dak is Back
The last time Dak was on the field with Da’ Boys he broke his ankle. At the time of his injury he led the NFL in passing yards, attempts and touchdowns. I’ve shared my thoughts about Dak’s talent as a runner and play option quarterback in the past. Dallas has to use him as the weapon he is. Dak is putting his injury behind him and so should the world. Watching Dak in OTA’s has been surprising. His mobility looks good and passing the ball down field isn’t even in question, it’s what he can do game time that needs to be answered. An injury like this is a quarterback killer, but have you seen former Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith lead his team? There’s no question that Dak can lead the Cowboys into the playoffs and make a Super Bowl run this year.

The Offense
If I had to describe the Cowboys line last year with a movie title, it would be “The Walking Dead!” The Cowboys offensive line went from one of the best lines in football to strangers! Zeke Elliott and other running backs ended up with the 30th rushing attack in the NFL last year. The team gave up 41 sacks and the Dallas Cowboys looked as if they weren’t America’s Team! The offensive line is a staple of the Cowboys attack, having Dak back under center will give the team a boost and wake that explosive offense up and score points at will this season.

My Thoughts
Dak signed his 4-year $160 million dollar contract with $126 million guaranteed back in March. This will allow him to play without proving himself to the nay-sayers this year. He has also signed with the Jordan brand and made a change from Adidas this year. Everything is looking up for Dak and the offense. I can see him being a Top 10 quarterback, winning the NFC East division and leading the team into the playoffs for years to come. All of the skilled position are locked in for the next 4-5 years on offense. I can’t wait until football season to watch the Cowboys really get going!