FC Dallas Takes On ChivasUSA

FC Dallas looks to continue their winning streak on the road. Photo Courtesy: williacw
FC Dallas looks to continue their winning streak on the road. Photo Courtesy: williacw

By Will Martin

Talk to anyone on the ChivasUSA squad and you might think they watched the Jim Carrey movie ‘Liar! Liar!’

After an embarrassing 3-0 loss to the Columbus Crew every player and coach José Luis Sánchez Solá-AKA ‘Chelis’-wanted to be the one to take credit, or lack thereof after a 3-0 defeat.

Credit six shots on goal in comparison to the Rojiblancos getting only two.

Look for more effort from Tristan Bowen and Julio Morales if ChivasUSA is to get an opportunity to attain three points against the 1-0 FC Dallas team with newly acquired players like Eric Hassli and Kenny Cooper who came oh so close to getting a goal last Saturday in Frisco. A 1-0 victory over the Colorado Rapids.

Fresh from a championship in the CONCACAF U-20 and winning the goalkeeper of the tournament distinction Richard Sanchez is back with the FCD to help at goalie while Raúl Fernández joins the Peruvian national team later this month. This should equate to some play time for Mr. Sanchez which would sit well with FCDallas coach Schellas Hyndman.

“He made a save in training and I said to one of the assistants that he would not have made that save last year,” Hyndman told reporters on Wednesday. “I think he’s playing his best soccer right now.”

As for this Sunday the first year coach for ChivasUSA knows the expectations are high and that some adjustments will be a necessary evil.

“We have to adapt before the next match to get points,” Sánchez Solá said. “I can’t make a prediction about how long it will take us to make adjustments. This is about the now. Our players deserve that we make changes now. I’ve got to get all of the stupidities out of my head and help my players.”

Echoing that thought was ‘Chelis’ goalie.

“I can’t say how disappointed I am. I can’t even express it,” goalkeeper Dan Kennedy said. “I came in really excited about this game and wanting to get a win or at least a result, a tie. There’s plenty of soccer to be played. Hopefully we have a quick learning curve for all of the guys that are new. Now they understand how physical and how cruel this league can be.”

For any appearance of opening night jitters Schellas Hyndman was very content with the play of Raul Fernandez Saturday.

Any concerns about having one good replacement for Kevin Hartman?

“How can you fault a guy who got you a shutout?” Hyndman said.

It was also announced Tuesday that Valparaiso goalie Kyle Zobeck has signed with the team. This should also bode well for the Frisco kids.

“We’re extremely happy to announce that we’re signing Kyle Zobeck to a contract with FC Dallas,” said head coach Schellas Hyndman. “He was a player who we followed at Valparaiso and we were fortunate that he was still available in the supplemental draft. We brought him in and we’ve been really pleased with his progress, his abilities and also his character. I think he will be a good keeper for FC Dallas and will make our goal keeping group even better.”

Sunday March 10th at 5pm CST FCDallas and ChivasUSA will square off. It will be interesting to see what pairings shall occur between Je-Vaughn Watson, Fabian Castillo, Bobby Warshaw and Andrew Jacobson with nothing etched in stone except for some friendly competition.

Hyndman wants and is expecting better midfield play on a less slick field come Sunday before playing a noon St. Patty’s Day game with the Houston Dynamo. Best of luck to FCDallas starting off 2013 with a 2-0 mark against a ChivasUSA team that looks as if their bearings aren’t fully in place. Hopefully not a trap game for the good guys.