Bryce Lucien of Seeker Speaks His Mind

Seeker is taking over Texas one town at a time. Photo Courtesy:
Seeker is taking over Texas one town at a time. Photo Courtesy:

By Ryan Feldman

Favorite Dallas venue?
If I’m going to see a show then Rubbergloves in Denton. Hands down. I love it. It’s exactly what a punk rock bar should be. Drinks are cheap, the bar is dark and absolutely filthy, but they have great sound, get amazing bands, and the place just oozes vibe. I’m definitely lucky to only live a few blocks away from it. If we’re playing then my favorite is probably the Prophet Bar. I love that stage and the room is great. We’ve definitely had some good times there.

Best place to grab a beer after a show?
My favorite bar in Dallas was a place called The Billiard Bar and they just closed, so my current favorite would have to be The Double Wide in Deep Ellum. Cheap beer, good music, gnarly people, and I love that patio. They also occasionally put on really excellent shows. When we’re not on tour I work in bars by UNT in Denton so going to Double Wide is always a nice change of pace from the drunken frat kids that I deal with on a daily basis.

There’s also a gas station right outside downtown called Fuel City and they have absolutely life changing tacos and burritos so I’m pretty cool with getting food and drinking a tall boy out of a soda cup on their patio…

Best Dallas tattoo parlor?
Elm St. Tattoo is amazing. Our bass player, Chris, works in a really outstanding shop called Lone Star Tattoo. All of the artists there are great. There’s also a shop called Suffer City that does some really great work.

Favorite city to play other than Dallas?
Honestly, we really don’t play Dallas very much. Our absolute favorite place to play is Austin. It’s become our adopted hometown and we have a lot of really good friends down there so the shows are always a blast.

Favorite Dallas sports team?
Do the Los Angeles Clippers live in Dallas? No.

Suck it Mavs.

How was your recent tour with Corelia and I, Omega?
It was great. The crowds were really fun and we made some really good friends. I was also filling in on bass for I, Omega every night so my body started to hate me toward the end of the run, but over all this was one of our favorite tours that we’ve done.

Your band has a blue-Collar, DIY mindset. Why do you approach things this way?
A lot of it comes from a desire to maintain complete control over our art. We’re all very driven people so none of us like to sit around and wait for things to be handed to us. None of us like being told what to do and we never want to be in a place where we have to cater what we do to someone else’s vision of what our band should be. It’s challenging to operate like this and our personal lives definitely suffer because of it, but at the end of the day our way of doing things works well for us and we get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that we’re doing 100% exactly what we want to at all times.

What’s on the horizon for Seeker?
We’re releasing another new single at the end of the month and then pretty constant touring. We’ll be out for a few weeks in April with our friends in a band called Forty Winters. Hopefully we’ll have a full length out by the end of the summer. It’ll be a very busy year.