Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

Photo Courtesy: Alan Klim
Photo Courtesy: Alan Klim

Cultural Fashion
People from different cultures have a certain style of fashion unique to that kind of people. In most cases, this is because it is friendly to their environment. The dressing is developed by people of the same culture. Cultural fashion is mainly passed on from generation to generation in the same culture. In some cases, someone from a different culture can borrow a certain style from other people. This is because they want to follow the culture or they like the fashion. In many African cultures, there are no particular brands but individuals who prepare animal hides for clothing. These individuals earn much income from their handmade African fashion.

Nigerian Fashion
The Nigerian film industry has had many contributions in advertising their own cultural fashion. Nigerian fashion has been adopted by many other people who liked the style but are not of the culture. Nigerian fashion is very diverse and is spreading to different parts of the world. It is mostly popular for its long attires for women with the head wrapped with strong fabric and men wearing Yoruba hats. The Nigerian fashion industry has grown enough support to photographers and fashion models. This shows the potential it has on creating employment. Africa is really opening up as a market. Even online enterprises like best online casinos are beginning to seek more opportunities on the continent.

Sports fashion
With market leaders like Nike and Adidas, the sports fashion industry is mainly for sports people but has seen rises in its active wear. Sports shoes are different from other shoes because they are flexible, comfortable and durable at the same time, even football and some internet gambling services are sponsored by these sportswear gears. Because of this, sports fashion is now popular as it is convenient for daily activities. Sports fashion brands are mainly aiming to become popular for day to day activities. Baseball jackets and caps turned into public fashion. The large numbers of people who like different sports and follow their fashion drive the sales in sports fashion.