Car Interior Design Trends

Photo Courtesy: opelblog
Photo Courtesy: opelblog

Car Interior Designs Trends 2017
Interior décor falls in and out fashion like everything else. In the automotive industry, interior design has taken a new twist and we’ve seen a lot of changes this year. Leading car designers are taking interior cabins of their cars to another level. We’re going to look at some top car interior designs shaping the automotive industry in 2017.

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Infotainment is now a hot trend and customers are considering cars with the best infotainment systems where you can also play online games (online spiele). The display touch-screen must be reasonably sized for better font display. Sizes for new vehicles range from 7-inches up to 10-inches depending on car model.  An increase in the desire for connected vehicles prompted designers to come up infotainment that integrates with smartphones. The infotainment interface must be user-friendly while driving. Most infotainment systems in 2017come with a navigation system, radio display, Bluetooth, USB port, voice recognition, real-time weather, real-time traffic, and other optional features such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Who knows soon we will be

Sound Proofing
Hearing the noise of your car engine and road noise can be so annoying but it is now a thing of the past. Recent car interiors come with soundproofing. Even when you are playing at real money online casinos, people outside your car won’t hear anything. This is a new trend in the automotive industry.  Soundproofing before it was introduced to cars it was usually found in planes and ships.  The system blocks all the noise from reaching your compartment and you get to enjoy the silence or music.

Heated and Massaging Seats
Car seats are now more comfortable in any type of weather. Almost every car released in 2017 has heated car seats perfect for cold regions or cold weather in the morning. There is no need to spend extra money to buy heated car cushions, all the comfort that a driver needs is guaranteed by the automaker. Furthermore, some selected car models have massage seats to loosen you up after a long day at work or any other activity.