Deftones & Gojira @ Toyota Music Factory

Photos by Dustin Schneider

Words by Matt Stubbs of The Jerry Jonestown Massacre Podcast

This is one of the stormiest times of year in Dallas, Texas. But what you heard coming out of the Las Colinas/Irving part of town Monday night, was no brutal Texas storm. It was two of my favorite bands with two totally different sounds, Gojira and Deftones. This great night of metal happened at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Tx. 

The evening of music started with the band Voww, from Australia. They’re a Goth pop duo with heavy industrial tones. This was an introduction to their genre of music for me. If all Death popish stuff sounds like this, then I’ll be geeking out on this style for a while. Great way to begin the hot and humid North Texas evening. The SG was a nice touch too.

As the sun began to set, Gojira began to rise. Lately, I have listened to Gojira more than any other progressive metal band. I have always been a fan of them ever since I read an interview with Mark Morton, from Lamb of God, in a 2006 guitar magazine. He went on about this technical death metal band from France, so I had to check them out. Gojira came out blazing Monday night. Their guitar work of rhythmic hammer and taps with solid double kicky drums were tight. The monster bass and drums had the metal worshipers bobbing their heads and jumping in place. When Gojira would hit their environmental melodic choruses it was like the crowd was a huge rock-and-roll choir singing with them. A wonderful way to sweat out the weekend that evening. By the way, to whom it may concern at Toyota Music Factory, would it kill to turn the big ceiling fans on? At least when Deftones and Gojira play? 

The Deftones have been around since I was a kid. They are amongst the icons of Nu Metal. And they played with the ferocity that comes with that iconic status on this North American tour stop. These dudes always bring it. Chino had pep to his step on Monday night. Just like he had during the Adrenaline tours. Deftones gave the fans the gifts of My Own Summer and Be Quiet and Drive off their sophomore release, Around the Fur. I don’t know who was dancing more during this celebration of Sacramento, the crowd, or Chino?

It was a grand ole night of hot steaming bowls of metal on Monday. I knew I’d be starting this week with ringing ears and smelling of beers. Thank you Deftones, Gojira, and Vowws. If you can catch this show in another city DO IT.