December’s Unusual Bizarre & Weird News

Somebody got busted. Photo Courtesy: Alex Proimos
Somebody got busted for drinking and driving. Photo Courtesy: Alex Proimos

By Andrew J. Hewett

The month of December has had some strange stories. Here is this month’s best snippets of unusual, bizarre and weird news.

Robin Earnest of Saline County, Ark., was attending Malvern College when she broke two fingers while playing musical chairs. She then demanded the state of Arkansas pay her $75,000, saying she was compelled to participate to earn class credit; and the state should pay her for surgeries, physical therapy, mental and emotional distress. Last heard, no ruling had been reached.

While most dead people are embalmed and buried or cremated, a pregnant 16-year-old, Neysi Perez, of La Entrada, Honduras, was not. Strangely, there was no known cause of death and, soon after burial, mourners heard the girl scream from inside her tomb. This caused family and friends to frantically smash into the concrete container, and the teen was rushed to a hospital. Sadly, they were too late, she was returned to the cemetery and reburied.

Vermont police stopped Erik Polite, 35, after clocking him doing 106 miles per hour. And, while he did a breathalyzer test, which he flunked, his passenger, Leeshawn Baker, 34, who also was later determined drunk, hopped into the driver’s seat and took off. Driving in reverse, he crossed two lanes of traffic and slammed into the median. (Found inside their car: 79 oxycodone pills, 50 Percocet pills and marijuana.)