Dallas Cowboys: The Importance of the Upcoming Draft

It will be interesting to see who the Dallas Cowboys select in the upcoming NFL Draft. Photo Courtesy: Michael Tipton
It will be interesting to see who the Dallas Cowboys select in the upcoming NFL Draft.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Tipton

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The Dallas Cowboys are currently sitting at 2-7 and have a slim chance of making the playoffs this season. Since Tony Romo was injured back in Week 2 against the Eagles, the Cowboys have lost seven games in a row. Something Cowboys fans haven’t witnessed since 1989. During the losing streak, fans have learned the value of the quarterback position. It isn’t too early to start addressing draft needs. Where the Cowboys end up drafting depends on how the team performs for the remainder of the season. There’s a good chance though that the team could end up with a high draft pick. In no particular order, here’s a look at some of the draft needs:

  1. Quarterback: The Dallas Cowboys cannot pass on another QB in this upcoming draft. This season, Tony Romo went down with a broken collarbone, and the two QB’s who took over both failed to lead Dallas to a win. This is it now. No more waiting. Tony Romo cannot be the man to lead the Cowboys to wins forever. Romo, 35, is aging, and his body has been getting battered over the last few seasons. He’s one hit away from not being able to play anymore, or even worse, he could end up being paralyzed. Now is time to draft a good QB that is capable of being the future. With two years remaining on his current contract, Tony Romo can spend his last two seasons mentoring and teaching a young QB to prepare. In other words, they should do what the Packers did with Rodgers when Brett Favre was still playing, and what the Patriots are doing with Jimmy Garappolo. Dallas will need a QB that’s ready both mentally and physically. Connor Cook would be the best QB to take, but Paxton Lynch would also be a great fit for Dallas.
  2. Running back: After losing DeMarco Murray to the Eagles in free agency this past offseason, the Cowboys had opportunities to draft a RB in the last draft, but they also passed on that. They decided to put their faith on Joseph Randle and signed Darren McFadden. But it didn’t work out at all. Joseph Randle couldn’t handle it, and McFadden is not seen as a future star RB for Dallas.
  3. Linebacker: The linebacker position has been an issue for Dallas for a long time. They’re best linebacker, Sean Lee, has been in the league since 2010 and has yet to play a full season. In other words, he can’t stay healthy, and the Cowboys can’t continue to pay him to play only a few games. Rolando McClain, who played great in 2014, has not lived to expectations this season and Anthony Hitchens can’t do it all on his own.
  4. Secondary: That’s no surprise. Secondary is still an issue for the Cowboys. It only got worse when they lost their best secondary player Orlando Scandrick to a torn ACL in training camp. Mo Claiborne has not done anything since he was selected sixth overall in the 2012 Draft by Dallas. He’s only intercepted three passes in his tenure, and he gets torched, and commits too many penalties. Brandon Carr is being overpaid, and he’s not doing anything. Barry Church is doing all right, but needs improvement. Same thing with J.J. Wilcox. Rookie Byron Jones is the best secondary player on the Cowboys defense, and he can’t do it all on his own. Rod Marinelli will need a man with speed, strength, and the ability to cover receivers well. Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State would be a good fit.
  5. Defensive End: Yes, the Cowboys currently have Greg Hardy, but all the drama with his off-the-field issues is causing a distraction. They made a great pick in the last draft by selecting Randy Gregory, but he hasn’t done anything. He missed time with an injured ankle, and since his return we haven’t even heard his name. Tyrone Crawford and DeMarcus Lawrence have both been quiet.

The way I see it, it’ll be very tough for the Cowboys organization to decide who to select in the first round because of all the holes that need to be filled. But the important thing is that Dallas cannot go through this next draft without taking a QB and a RB. In the first round, they should either consider a QB or RB depending on who will be available when it’s their turn. If the Cowboys end up with the #1 overall pick, it’ll probably be either Connor Cook or maybe Ezekiell Elliot. But then there’s the question about defense. Over the last few years, a majority of their defensive picks have been in the later rounds.