Browns QB Johnny Manziel Enters Treatment

Photo Courtesy of Erik Drost.  Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has entered rehab after a tumultuous rookie season.
Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has entered rehab after a tumultuous rookie season.
Photo Courtesy: Erick Drost

By Michael Hanley

Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel surprised many as he entered himself in for treatment according to various reports.

Manziel will be in treatment for at least a  few weeks, could be more or less, it all depends on what the doctors there  recommend on him doing. Training camp is up in the air at this moment for him to attend as Cleveland is taking their time with this whole process.

Treatment is something that cannot have a firm timetable put on it. Like sickness in a way, everyone who has a need for treatment will have a different way of going about just how fast or slow it will take them to completely recover, turn over  a new leaf and be that new person they desire to be.  That will be no different for Manziel going forward on this.

To be perfectly clear, Manziel is not entering this treatment because of any sort of drug problem. According to a source from ESPN, he is entering because of the lifestyle that he has led off the field and a desire to reorganize that part of his life and turn it into a much more stable and productive area for himself.

Though that will be difficult with all the money, partying and people that are involved in his lavish lifestyle off the field,  taking this step to seek help and be open enough to get that help from the outside is a giant first step for him in being able to truly have that turnaround he is looking to make in his life.

Here is  a statement made by Browns GM Ray Farmer on this situation:

“We respect Johnny’s initiative in this decision and will fully support him throughout this process. Our players’ health and well-being will always be of the utmost importance to the Cleveland Browns,”

It has been well documented the many parties, nightclubs, concerts etc that Manziel has enjoyed thoroughly since his days back at Texas A&M, unfortunately that has stunned his ability to truly grow into the NFL quarterback that he and the Browns organization hope he can be one day for them.

All the nights out he had taken before and during the season no doubt  hurt his ability to grasp the enormous challenge that is figuring out the different defenses the teams would throw at him if he were enter into a game and just the overall responsibility that comes with being  a professional football player in the NFL.There is a reason why only so many of these football players are able to hang around for a decade plus and be able to perform on the field at a consistent rate and not get into trouble off the field.

Manziel has yet to grasp that concept but everyone seems to forget that he is just starting out his NFL career. Not every young player is going to be polished like an Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson. Manziel will be  a better player and person for this move and will be able to start anew again in his life and be able to shape it himself and leave the college frat boy lifestyle behind for good as opportunity will come knocking for him in the future on and off the field.