British Royalty

Suggested retail price: $187,515 big ones buddy!
Suggested retail price: $187,515 big ones buddy!

By Cote Bailey

The choices in life are many. There’s the question of where to live, a bungalow on the outskirts of Grand Prairie or the coast of the French Riviera? What to eat, cup o’ noodles from QuikTrip or John Dory-prepared by your personal chef for the night Gordon Ramsey? Who to date, Matilda in accounts payable or Bar Rafaeli…and her sister? And then there is the ever-important question of what to drive, your uncle’s vintage Triumph Stag or 007’s go-to transportation an Aston Martin DB9? Now if it were up to me, I would be driving to my pied-à-terre on the French Riviera to have my dinner  prepared by Chef Ramsey with Bar Rafaeli (and her sister) in the passenger seat of my DB9, but that’s because I’m a damn gentleman. Make your own decisions.

Whatever you decide on for the other things the DB9 is a non-negotiable. Getting behind the wheel of the 2013 British  supercar is a cultural adventure that will make you forget all about that pesky revolution and give you a whole new appreciation for the home of the Queen Mum. Built in the spirit of last year’s groundbreaking Vanquish the DB9 bolts  from naught to 60 in 4.1 seconds. For those of you that squawk at that number saying the Lamborghini and Ferrari do it faster, of course they do but do they do it while bearing the extra weight of premium leather, a huge and hideous ancient navigation screen, heavy walnut dash and trim (carbon fiber optional) and rear seats for God’s sake. Plus its Italian counterparts don’t even have a place to put their lattes – how uncivilized.

Spec Check
AM11 Engine
510 Horsepower
Top Speed of 183 MPH
15.7″ Front Brembo Disc Brakes
14.2″ Rear Brembo Disc Brakes
Rear-Mounted Six-Speed Automatic Transaxle
1000-Watt Audio System