Adrian Beltre Joins 3,000 Hit Club and Then Some

Adrian Beltre joined the 400 HR Club and bolstered his HOF bid. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi
Adrian Beltre joined the 3,000 hit club and bolstered his HOF bid. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi
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By Wiley Singleton

With the trade deadline fast approaching the Rangers needed to start crushing their opposition to prove they are playoff contenders. The Rangers did just the opposite, losing two series to average East Coast teams.  The week began against the Marlins.

Marlins in Texas Game 1:  The Rangers began their week getting shut out by the 23rd team ERA ranked Marlins. Mike Napoli and Rougie Odor both continue to be black holes in the lineup, minus the odd homer. They both went 0-4 behind Adrian Beltre, who went 4-4. Napoli looked to be heating up last month, but now it appears as though he will hover around the same .200ish batting average all year. Rougie Odor has improved his defense, but consistently strikes out swinging at garbage. The high fastball is a particularly effective pitch against Rougie. Martin Perez turned in a quality start, but the Rangers once again proved the weakness of a lineup filled with boom or bust hitter and failed to score a run. 0-4.

Marlins in Texas Game 2: The “boom or bust” bats boomed in game two. Gallo crushed two homers. Napoli and Odor also had homers. Essentially the aggressive, slugging hitters did very well. Carlos Gomez also plays this style, but was hitless. Cole Hamels started for the Rangers. He got a huge lead to work with, but failed to turn in a quality start, giving up four runs in six innings. Matt Bush, Keone Kela, and Jason Grilli all threw a scoreless inning to close the game. The Rangers have lived and died on the homer all year. The team batting average is at a laughable .238, ahead of only Oakland and San Diego. The Rangers are 2nd only to the powerful Astros in homers. 10-4.

Marlins in Texas Game 3:  The Rangers were absolutely smoked in the rubber match of the series. Every single Rangers pitcher to appear gave up a run. Yu Darvish got obliterated and inflated his ERA right before the deadline to over 4.00. Adrian Beltre had 3 hits, giving him seven for the series.  Essentially this is the worst thing that could have happened for the Rangers, besides an injury. Darvish, and the team in general, looked bad. Yet another “are we playoff worthy” test failed for Texas. 22-10.

O’s at Texas Game 1: Andrew Cashner pitched very well. He lasted seven innings, gave up one run, and improved his trade value. Cashner is in a contract year and has a sub 3.50 ERA. The middle of the Rangers lineup really came through in this game. Mazara, Andrus, and Beltre all had multi-hit, multi-RBI games. Chris Tillman was rocked badly, giving up eight runs. Matt Bush and Alex Claudio both threw scoreless innings to complete this win. 8-2.

O’s at Texas Game 2: Kevin Gausman was excellent for the O’s, throwing a shutout and only needing AL Wild Card Bench Star Zach Britton to get one out. The Rangers managed to reach base ten times this game, but due to lack of consistent hitting were unable to get a run. The Rangers were shutout by the team with the worst team ERA in the AL. These shutouts are a great example of how stacking your lineup full of sluggers who can only walk and hit homers is detrimental to your team. 4-0.

O’s at Texas Game 3: Adrian Beltre crushed his 3,000th hit in this game. It was a positive moment for Rangers fans, and will probably be one of the only memorable thing about this year. Beltre had an incredible week and continues to play legendary defense. Lucroy was also traded to the Rockies for a player to be named. Playing in Coors Field should help Lucroy get his offensive numbers back up. Perhaps his he will catch Robinson Chirinos in the homer tab by the end of the year. Other than Beltre the game was pretty ugly, which is almost standard for the Rangers at this point. Rougie Odor had an excellent day, netting five RBIs. Martin Perez was shelled for eight runs, and left his team in a disadvantageous position , as he often does. This was made even worse by the fact that it was a day game at home, which Perez usually excels at. Rangers lose after falling behind early. 10-6.

The Rangers traded Yu Darvish to the Los Angeles Dodgers for second baseman/outfielder Willie Calhoun, infielder Brendon Davis and righty A.J. Alexy right before the trade deadline took place on Monday.

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