8 Casual Games Foodies & Chefs Will Love

Photo Courtesy: Pexels
Photo Courtesy: Pexels

These days there are quite literally thousands of games to choose from online, on mobile and on consoles. Of course, this means that there should be at least two or three specifically created for almost any hobby you could ever have or think of. Fortunately for anyone who enjoys food and/or cooking, there are plenty of casual games based in the kitchen. However if you are a video game enthusiast, arcade bar like arcade bar in Toronto is the perfect environment to socialize, entertain, and enjoy yourself!

Whether you want to become a master chef or simply want to see if you could ever keep up with the fast pace of a restaurant kitchen, here are some games recommended in a recent Solitaire Cash review which every foodie has to try.

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Diner Dash

Often referred to as the number one time management game of all time, Diner Dash is an absolute must-have for anyone who enjoys food and cooking. Each day you must complete the breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts to the best of your ability, providing great customer service and quick meal delivery to earn tips and keep the restaurant open. As, don’t forget, Mr Big’s Eat-Mor fast food chain is closing in, and you can’t let the bad guys win. If you want to try new games, consider reading the new post at https://farmingless.com/what-is-rust-game/

Play: iPhone | Android

Papa’s Pizzeria

Anyone who has ever worked at a pizzeria will instantly know how this game is played. First, take the customer’s order including the toppings, time the pizza needs to be cooked and how they want the pizza to be cut. Next, you’ve been trusted with making that pizza and getting it absolutely right to receive the customer’s praise and a big tip that will keep you and the restaurant going. Sure, it sounds relatively easy, but wait until you’ve got more than a few customers waiting for your delicious pizzas.

Play: Kizi | Agame

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

For foodies that are looking for a more hardcore game to play, it’s time to try Cook, Serve, Delicious! Though it is undeniably fast paced and can even become overly challenging at times, this title is easy to play at first so you’ll find your skills growing as the game progresses. There is also a sequel to this game that can also be found on Steam. The aim remains the same though: avoid those awful zero star ratings!

Play: Steam


Based on the classic five-payline slot model, Microgaming’s Belissimo! Slot is a great choice for foodies who like casino games like gry barowe za darmo and is available at online casino operator Betway. The idea is to line up matching symbols, which include traditional sevens and bars as well as the chef icon which doubles as the slot’s wild. The more symbols you match the more pizzas you make for your virtual customers, and there’s also a jackpot available and if you get lucky you could even win the jackpot of 80x your original bet.

Play: Play Online / Mobile

Rising Super Chef 2

While Rising Super Chef was undeniably a fun game, its sequel brings even more levels, better graphic design and over one thousand new dishes for you to attempt, all of which are based on real-world recipes. The aim of the game is the same, you have to make the meals that have been ordered by your loyal customers while also running the restaurant empire you’ve built. Make sure you keep on top of everything, as you never know when something could go wrong.

Play: iPhone | Android

Order Up!! To Go

Combining the frenzied fun of meal preparation and the achievement of building a successful restaurant empire, Order Up!! To Go gives players the best of both worlds. Not only will you have to chop, slice, roll and dice your way to the top, you’ll also have to manage the everyday experiences that come with owning and running a leading, high-quality establishment.

Play: iPhone | Android

Food Street

In Food Street, not only are you in charge of speedy service, you must also run a bakery, café and restaurant. Whether you’re cooking, baking or managing you must keep on top everything a real-world chain owner must without fail. Build your establishments from the ground up and add new recipes to the cook book to ensure those customers keep returning for your delicious meals.

Play: iPhone | Android

Lunch Box Maker: School Food

Finally, we have the ultimate lunch box building game that recognizes just how gross cafeteria food can be. Instead of dining like a peasant, you must create your own lunch box filled with different foods that are yummy and nutritious. This game is made primarily for children, as it helps them find new foods that are both hearty and healthy, but adults are sure to find this game just as fun.

Play: iPhone

There you have it, eight new foodie games for you to try. So, next time you’re hankering for a time management, kitchen-based game make sure to try one of these and let us know how you found it in the comments down below.