7 Burgers We Love More Than Life Itself

These seven burgers are a damn good list to start off with for the best in Dallas. Photo Courtesy: Steven Doyle
These seven burgers are a damn good list to start off with for the best burgers in Dallas.
Photo Courtesy: Steven Doyle

By Steven Doyle

The burger continues its stride as one of the favorite iconic meals in Dallas. We either can bemoan or embrace this idea, but the fact is the burger stretches across all economic barriers. There virtually is a burger for everyone, and we have a list of some of our favorites to prove that point.

Note that some of these burgers are made by chefs in glorious restaurants, and others made by what we like to call burgermeisters whose sole position in life is to make you a delicious burger.

1) Off-Site Kitchen is located just on the outskirts of the Design District, the humble building offers the single best burger in Dallas. And humble it is with a thin, freshly-ground patty, a firm but stately bun, and several fresh ingredients such as tomato and lettuce. The Do It Murph Style is without a doubt our favorite, but there other versions on board. All good.

2) Good Friend Beer Garden and Burger House has pretty damned good burgers. There are even new versions offered on occasion just to confuse your burger palate. Savor the El Jefe which is laden deep with slices of smoked brisket, bacon, jack and swiss cheeses. Fantastic beer list, and each burger is offered a suggested pairing for good measure.

3) Wingfield’s continues to warm our hearts (and most assuredly clog it with the burger’s mammoth delicious patty). Extra points for frying what would be very typical Ore-Ida crinkle cut fries in a vat of bacon-flavored oil. A single burger and fries will tip the scale just over a single pound. Good luck with that.

4) Knife is the latest to join our list of best burgers with several versions we love so much including The Magic which is bunned by an English muffin and has freshly ground 44 Farms beef. So good.

5) The Dairy-Ette drive-in located in East Dallas has been around for more than 55 years serving terrific burgers and homemade root beer. Yea, it is still good. On the smaller side of burgers, the meat is heavily seared on a grill that has been producing burgers for half a decade, and the bun is a mere Mrs. Baird’s variety. It screams delicious.

6) Henry’s Majestic is one of our favorite cheffy burgers. “We use the same Akaushi beef that we use for our steaks. We trim the beef and use the scraps, then mix in bone marrow,” said Henry’s chef Roe DiLeo. The magic doesn’t stop there. The chef tops the burger with caramelized onions, aged cheddar cheese, and a farm fresh egg, all sandwiched up with a big and beautiful brioche bun. If a burger could swagger, this one would do so with a cane and top hat.

7) Luscher’s Red Hots sounds like it would merely serve up a great hot dog, and it does. But Luscher’s also has one terrific burger. This Deep Ellum burger includes two Wagyu patties from McKinney’s Local Yocal market, prepared mustard, grilled onions and horseradish pickles and American cheese on a bun from the local La Francaise French Bakery.