5 Visual Artists on the Rise

Dallas has some awesome art being created by some very talented artists. Photo Courtesy: Toni Martin
Dallas has awesome art being created by some very talented artists.
Photo Courtesy: Toni Martin

We have rounded up five visual artists on the rise. Whether you’re an art geek or just appreciate the craft, we have something here that is sure to catch your eye.

By Kendra Kinion

Toni Martin
This spunky and tenacious artist is a force to be reckoned with. Her portraits and abstracts contain detail that is bold yet delicate. With a personality as big as Texas, Martin’s work deals with issues of women’s empowerment and seeing life through the eyes of others. Martin’s first solo exhibit “EUPHORIA” opened with a reception on July 25 and will remain on display until Aug. 28. The exhibit, which may contain a new Exhibition Stand Design, is benefitting Ally’s House, a non-profit that helps create a stable environment to help teen mothers become prosperous.

Toni Martin Photo Courtesy: Jason Sanders
Toni Martin
Photo Courtesy: Jason Sanders

Francisco Moreno
This guy has some serious skills. His most recent exhibit involved camouflage and a classic 1975 Datsun 280Z. Using variations of black and white geometric shapes; Moreno was able to portray modern American themes in art history. But this is not a new concept. His idea for camouflaging the car came from World War I. George Washington and his crew previously used a similar technique against the enemy camouflaging their ships into what looked like abstract paintings. Who knew taking a look back into American history could render such a cool exhibit in the 21st century.

Photo Courtesy: Kevin Tedora
Photo Courtesy: Kevin Tedora

Kasumi Chow and Desiree Espada
Okay so technically this should be two artists. But Chow and Espada worked together on their latest project so we decided to create a duo for the third visual artist on the rise. These collaborative photographers just wrapped their first exhibition Truly, Madly. Chow and Espada’s work is rich and often carries a compelling narrative. Be on the lookout for more work from these two.

Photo Courtesy: Kasumi Chow and Desiree Espada
Photo Courtesy: Kasumi Chow
and Desiree Espada

Matthew Brinston
This artist also is a survivor and you can see it through his unique haircut that showcases the scar he received from a car accident in 2013. Once a model and musician, Brinston now showcases his talent as a visual artist. He creates pieces with value and contrast. If you want to see Brinston’s latest work, you can catch him at NRG Recording Studios in Los Angeles this October for a joint exhibition with RossVon Rosenberg. Brinston also is working on a mural that is going up in late July at Bonton Farms as a piece focused on inspiring the community, which just happens to be one of Dallas’ many food desserts. He also just finished successful shows at Life in Deep Ellum, Epocha and WAAS Gallery.

Photo Courtesy: Matthew Brinston
Photo Courtesy: Matthew Brinston

Christopher Gonzalez
If you like art that pops out at you, this guy’s work is for you. Also recently exhibited at WAAS, he uses color to affect the subconscious. Raised in Texas, Gonzalez is a self-taught artist with influences from iconic genius Andy Warhol. You might also see some guidance from artists like Van Gough and Jackson Pollock. If you want to catch up with Gonzalez’s work, you can view his newest exhibit, Color Chaos, from 6-9 p.m. daily through July 31 at Epocha.

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Gonzalez
Photo Courtesy:
Christopher Gonzalez