2013 Holiday Gift Guide – The College Student

Getting admitted into Blitz University is really difficult! Photo Courtesy: CollegeDegrees360
Getting admitted into Blitz University is really difficult! Photo Courtesy: CollegeDegrees360

By Ethan Harmon

Let’s face it, college is expensive. You need books, supplies, a computer and a whole bunch of stuff that you probably can’t afford. That’s why you should load up on scholarships and grants. If you have some discretionary money, then you should invest in these:

iPhoneiPhone 5s or 5c
This is a simple, yet great smart phone. Yes, everyone has one, but for good reason. They are fairly reliable, affordable and can utilize a multitude of apps. This is a great phone for the college life.
Where to get it: www.apple.com or an Apple Store
Price: $199 and up (without contract)

external hard driveAny External Hard Drive
You will be doing a lot of projects in college. Many will consume a lot of space and clog your computer. It is a safe idea to invest in an external hard drive to save yourself some frustration. And it’s nice to have a backup of your projects!
Where to get it: www.newegg.com or a local electronics store
Price: $50 and up (depending on amount of memory)

samsung-galaxy-noteSamsung Galaxy Note Tablet
If laptops aren’t your thing, then you should check out a tablet. Yes, the iPad is a solid tablet, but when it comes to college, the Galaxy Note is your best bet. It is very effective when it comes to taking notes and surfing through online tests.
Where to get it: www.amazon.com or a local electronics store
Price: $549

During the colder months of the semester, you will need to wear something warm. Why not get a vest/jacket that has roughly 30 pockets? This can hold anything from your phone to your bundle of pencils and pens.
Where to get it: www.scottevest.com
Price: $125

AlienwareAlienware Laptop
A lot of students go the MacBook route. They are slick, shiny and nice, but they are not exactly the best laptop on the market. Alienware packs a whole lot of punch, giving you almost everything you need for your classes.
Where to get it: www.alienware.com or MicroCenter
Price: $1,099 and up