2013 Holiday Gift Guide – The Guy

Come on, you know this guy! Photo Courtesy: Glenn Euloth
Come on, you know this guy! Photo Courtesy: Glenn Euloth

The Guy
He knows that Mozart was the music dude and that Chuck Norris is definitely the reason why zombies haven’t overtaken the Earth. He likes Kung Fu movies and may or may not sing out loud to Run DMC & Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” in the car when he thinks no one is looking. OK so what if he does. If you’re this guy, buy this stuff!

marcanegraEspadin Marca Negra Mezcal
One of the best spirits that you can have on your shelf is Mezcal. Its smoky bold taste makes it a top tier pour and its price tag makes it for the best of your guests.
Where to get it: www.marcanegra.com
Price: $100

clae mcqueenClae McQueen Shoes
Make an addition to your collection of wearables with Clae McQueen chukkas. It’s a shoe that says, “There is no way I’m going to the ballet with you…ok I’ll go. Just let me change shoes.”
Where to get it: www.clae.com
Price: $110

Joules-Foxton-JacketJoules Foxton Jacket
It’s quilted, has a warm handle cotton lining, and the description on the website says, “For men who love living life to the full…” We’re sold.
Where to get it: www.joulesusa.com
Price: $203

caviar-cartelCaviar Cartel Tee
If hip-hop is any part of your paradigm then this limited press tee from the mind of Ssur is a must have. C’mon, make your closet twerkworthy.
Where to get it: www.shop.ssur.com
Price: $35

Downrange-TomahawkGerber Downrange Tomahawk
Why would you want a tomahawk for Christmas you ask? Oh right I suppose the zombie apocalypse observes holidays. Everybody knows not to fuck with the guy holding a tomahawk.
Where to get it: www.gerbergear.com
Price: $290