Blitz Babe Kim

July 31, 2015

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Razorbacks Look To Improve From Last Season

July 31, 2015

By Jared Macduff It’s that time of the year that Arkansas Razorback fans look forward to every year, it’s football season!!! The Razorbacks will look to capitalize off of last season’s bowl win over Texas in which they dismantled […]

Arizona Cardinals Hire Jen Welter to Coach

July 30, 2015

By Alex Gustafson When ESPN’s Jemele Hill mentioned women in coaching in a video following the Spurs victory in the NBA Summer League, I was optimistic about how soon the sports landscape would welcome a […]

DIY: How to Make a Kick-Ass Music Video

July 30, 2015

By Peter Gerstenzang In the past few years, looking to expand my artistic horizons, I have started directing music videos. I’ve loved it, even if my last budget wasn’t big enough to pay the craft […]

Mark Cuban: Trump’s Newest Fan

July 30, 2015

By Paul Esquivel Just recently the owner of the Mavericks and Cyber Dust app, Mark Cuban, seems to be singing a different tune since referring to Donald Trump, the laughable presidential candidate, as a “Paper Tiger” earlier […]

Take the Holiday Road to go see Vacation

July 29, 2015

By Taylor C. Berrier Well, Rusty, it’s that time of the year again. Family comes together and we all learn valuable life lessons to be passed on to the next generation. It’s National Lampoon time. […]

First Annual Dallas Gaming Expo: Pros and Cons

July 28, 2015

By Stephen Elliott From classic to modern gaming, all players were welcome at the Dallas Gaming Expo over the weekend. Tournaments featured Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64 to new games like Call of Duty Advanced […]

Cook It Your Damn Self: Cheeseburger Pizza

July 28, 2015

By DaVince “Dino” Wright Have you ever wanted to make your own pizza? Have you ever ordered a pizza and waited 35-45 minutes only to be disappointed when it arrives? You order a larger hamburger pizza […]

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