Reasons To Be Cheerful

August 30, 2014

By Peter Gerstenzang Judging from the e-mails I’ve received regarding this column, it’s come to my attention that some readers find my outlook excessively sarcastic, lowbrow and just plain mean. And that’s the fan mail! […]

Let’s Meet Somebody’s Darling

August 23, 2014

By Orion Davis Hot Amber Farris should be Somebody’s Darling. She is a gutsy vocalist & her voice is bold. Yes, Amber sounds bluesy, twangy and darn good. Her band backs her up with a […]

Michael Bentley: Can’t Knock the Hustle

August 14, 2014

By Kendrick Johnson Michael Bentley is expanding his reach in the entertainment industry with the launch of his music label Slam House Music Group this fall. Bentley is hoping that Slam House can become another […]

The Moment: Nirvana on SNL

August 13, 2014

By Keysha Hogan Around 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday night in Texas, a brown skinned 9-year-old girl wearing Care Bear pajamas snuck out of bed and into her playroom. She kneeled on the floor in […]

Lucy Scholl Releases Self-Titled EP

August 12, 2014

By Orion Davis Lucy Scholl is from Dallas, Texas and she is a magnificent musician. She plays the acoustic guitar and she writes true-to-life songs. The emotional song “Blue Eyes” was written at the start […]

Ume: Getting Intense

August 7, 2014

By Orion Davis The band Ume are really good and has the tough riffs to back up everything. I was actually surprised that they hit that hard. They are playing their instruments like it’s the […]

Why Heavy Metal Still Sucks

July 31, 2014

By Peter Gerstenzang Over the years, I have enjoyed countless genres of music, from suicidal singer-songwriters to stoned purveyors of Slowcore. I’ve often wondered if that means I’m open-minded. Or I need medication for Multiple […]

What Happened to all the Summer Songs?

June 27, 2014

By Peter Gerstenzang When I was a child, which despite the rumors didn’t coincide with the Battle of Gettysburg, things were really different. A Tea Party was a classy, welcome affair. Not a political party […]

Why Rock Movies Suck

May 30, 2014

By Peter Gerstenzang If you’ve been paying attention, you know most movies about rock are as accurate as Dick Cheney with a hunting rifle. Coming soon are biopics about Brian Wilson and Marvin Gaye. Which […]

Getting Down with the Reverend Horton Heat

May 26, 2014

By Alan Sculley Fans of the Reverend Horton Heat haven’t exactly been flooded with new music from the band lately. After cranking out eight studio albums over the first 13 years of a recording career […]

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