Crucified Barbara From Sweden to Dallas

This Swedish all-girl band brings the metal. Photo Courtesy:
This Swedish all-girl band brings the metal. Photo Courtesy:

By Ryan Feldman

Catch Sweden’s Crucified Barbara this week, Thursday, March 14th, at the Curtain Club (2800 Main St STE B, Dallas) with fellow Swedes, CrashDiet.

The all-girl group will look to take North America by storm with their feisty brand of hard rock n’ roll, as they kick off their winter/spring excursion at SXSW and prove one city at a time that a Y chromosome is not required to kick some serious hard rock booty. Ida Evileye dominates her trusty Sandberg bass, Klara Force rocks steady on her ’76 Gibson Explorer, Mia Coldheart belts out her unapologetic vocals while riffing all over her Gibson Gothic Flying V, and Nicki Wicked pounds on her glittered Yamaha Maple drum kit until you’re splayed across the floor with a bull’s-eye knock-out punch that’ll make you spit your teeth out. Now you know what happens when Motorhead mates with The Runaways.

Crucified Barbara has had the privilege of touring their native continent with the likes or Motorhead, Sepultura, In Flames and more while releasing three full-length albums. The new music video for “Rock Me Like The Devil,” taken from their latest, The Midnight Chase (Nuclear Blast Records), can be streamed on YouTube.

Crucified Barbara at the Curtain Club, Thursday, March 14th: Tickets are $12 and can be purchased here. All ages are welcome and doors open at 7:30pm. Snakeskyn Whiskey, Diemonds and London’s Dungeon will perform in support.