Will “Alien: Covenant” Reveal the Xenomorph Creator?

Fans are excited to see the sixth installment of the Alien series. Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox
Fans are excited to see the sixth installment of the Alien series. Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

By Kyler Kuehler

Alien: Covenant is a science fiction/horror film scheduled for release on May 19, 2017, and is the sequel to the 2012 film titled Prometheus and prequel to the Alien universe.

In Prometheus fans were left with mixed feelings about the whole story as there were fans who adored the film with greatness as one of Ridley Scott’s greatest films, while others felt like they were given a completely different universe from the whole Alien storyline only to see a quick glimpse of the Xenomorph organism to connect the film to the whole Alien universe.

With the mixed reviews, fans will now be introduced to the second chapter of the Alien prequels with the hopes of discovering new questions and learning their answers. Now there are many questions fans will have while watching this film, but one that seems to stick out the greatest relates to the Xenomorph organisms and that is how did they come to be? Were they just another species in the galaxy or was someone or something behind their existence?

This question has been looming in fans’ heads for years as they grew so fascinated by their appearance and nature to the point they wanted to know their past to the fullest.

Director Ridley Scott revealed that the prequels would give fans the answers they have been seeking, but he has not stated which film will reveal these answers.

In the trailer for the film fans get a good feel that the alien/s will be at full present in the film as a crew aboard the colony ship Covenant land upon an uncharted paradise on a remote planet that looks appealing at first, but holds a deadly secret.

Pretty good, but when the alien was shown towards the end of the trailer fully developed fans lost their minds as they might finally receive some answers.

Though the alien does appear in the film does not mean it will reveal the answers fans seek or it may just reveal some and save the rest for a later film to keep them guessing.

We also don’t know anything about any other characters that could be behind their existence, so it looks like the answers to this question might be on hold until the film is finally released.

All we know for now is that they will make their epic return to the big screen and possibly bring back the hype to the series that many other films before failed to do.

May 19 cannot get here any faster.