UFC Fight Night 57 Preview

FOX Sports 1 will be rocking with UFC Fight Night 57. So who you got?
FOX Sports 1 will be rocking with UFC Fight Night 57. So who you got?

By Lance LeVan

UFC Fight Night 57 is being held in Austin, Texas on Saturday, November 22.

(#3) Frankie “The Answer” Edgar (16-4-1) vs. (#2) Cub Swanson (21-5-0).
This is going to be a five round featherweight (145lbs) fight. This is a bout between two fighters who are at the top of their game and are on the brink of getting a title shot with the champ (Jose Aldo). Both of these guys are fast…both of these guys are explosive and they both have excellent submissions. Edgar is a former Division 1 college wrestler and a brown belt in BJJ. Swanson is a black belt in BJJ and a black belt in judo.  This fight is going to have a LOT of takedowns and take down attempts. However, Swanson has almost double the percentage of KO/TKO in his fights as Edgar. Edgar is the former lightweight champion in the UFC. He has been at this level before and he is comfortable going the full five rounds. Cub has only gone five rounds one time previously. He is also on a six fight win streak.  Edgar has only won two of his last five fights. But he appears to be getting back on-track for a title shot. Swanson looks like he could make a run for the belt at the rate he’s going. Both guys like to strike but this one will go to the ground rather quickly, in my opinion. When it does, it will be a mad scramble for them to get back to their feet.  These fighters are very evenly matched. I think the one thing that will win it for either fighter is going to be that x-factor that we call “heart”. Even though Cub is on a roll…and he has better KO/TKO percentages…I am going to have to go with Edgar on this one. I think he has more “heart” than almost anyone in the UFC. He doesn’t know the meaning of quit…and he will keep coming until the end. My prediction: Edgar wins by submission (RNC) in the fifth round.

(#7) Bobby “King” Green (23-5-0) vs. (#11) Edson “Junior” Barboza (14-2-0)
This is a three round lightweight (155 lbs) fight. Both of these fighters are up-and-comers in the 155 lb weight class.  Green has won eight in a row and Barboza has won four of his last five matches. Green has a higher submission percentage, but Barboza has an almost double KO/TKO percentage. Even though he’s only a blue belt in BJJ, Green has been racking up some good submission wins in the Octagon. Barboza, on the other hand, seems to just enjoy knocking people out. He is a black belt in TKD, black prajied in Muay Thai, and a purple belt in BJJ. He is very well rounded. However, I think that Green has more experience in the ring and he is very evenly diverse between knocking people out and submitting them. He is ranked four places higher than Barboza for a reason. But for either fighter, if they win in dominating fashion, it will propel them in the rankings. Moving them closer to a shot at the champ (Anthony Pettis). Either way, it will be very exciting to watch. From what I have seen, neither of these fighters are going to let this go to a decision. They both are going to be looking to end this fight and not let it go the judges’ cards. This one might have a chance at “Fight of the Night” honors. My prediction: Green wins via submission (guillotine) in the second round.

(#11) Brad “One Punch” Pickett (25-9-0) vs. Chico “The King” Camus (14-5-0)
This is a three round flyweight (125 lbs) fight. This is one of those fights that is tough to talk about. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons that the UFC is getting a bad reputation. Pickett has only won four of his last eight fights.  And I understand that he is a flamboyant fighter and that Dana White likes him…but ranking him #11…??? Camus has two losses and a NC in his last four bouts. Pickett is an orthodox striker that has some decent submission skills.  He has won some of his fights via good chokes. Most of Camus’ fights have gone to decision but most of the ones that he finished, he finished via KO/TKO. In this prediction, I definitely have to go with the experience and the ranking. My prediction: Pickett wins via TKO in the 2nd round.