UFC 158 Preview

Will GSP win rocking his grape smugglers?
Will GSP win rocking his grape smugglers?

By Brian Beard

Georges “Rush” St-Pierre (23-2-0) vs. Nick Diaz (27-8-1)
Let me start off by saying that I think this should be Hendricks’ fight but hey, it isn’t. WAR DIAZ! Nick Diaz, love him or hate him, always comes to fight. He will not pussy foot around the cage and will engage! He has crazy, weird/good boxing and will box GSP ears on the feet. He also has a better submission game than GSP. The area that GSP completely dominates this fight is the wrestling. He has exceptional wrestling and ground control. He has really good stand up as well, but I look for Diaz to win the battle on the feet. GSP will look to take the dangerous Diaz down early and he will succeed. He will be able to control Diaz and thwart his submission attempts, but due to lack of action, the ref will stand them. My prediction: Diaz is going to TKO St. Pierre in the third. I have never, and will never pick against Diaz. Look for at least two middle fingers from Diaz as well and a ton of other taunting and shit talking.

Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit (28-6-0) vs. Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks (14-1-0)
Once again Hendricks gets screwed! He should have never fought Kampmann in his last fight. How many cats does he have to beat to get a title shot? This is no knock on Condit as he is a great fighter and poses a big thread to Hendricks, but come on. He should have fought Condit when he had the belt. Now that GSP has his belt back, outright, Hendricks should be fighting him. Hendricks must have pissed Dana White off at some point. That being said this should be a good fight. Condit is a really good striker and has a great submission game. Hendricks is possibly the best wrestler in the game right now and has absolute dynamite in his hands. He will knock a mofo smooth out! Condit is a smart fighter and will be prepared to avoid Hendricks’ big punches. This may end up on the ground if Hendricks gets frustrated. My prediction: I look for Hendricks and his Leonidas beard to win a unanimous decision. Will he get passed up for the title again?

Nick “The Promise” Ring (13-1-0) vs. Chris Camozzi (18-5-0)
These two cats have very similar skill sets. Good striking and good submissions. Nick Ring has a competitive Muay Thai background which could give him the edge standing. He is also a brown belt in BJJ and is very solid in the submission department. Camozzi is a scrappy fighter that is riding a three fight win streak that he is looking to extend. Neither fighter is afraid to stand and bang so this should be a good one. My prediction: Look for Ring to be the more technical fighter and edge out a decision in a good stand up battle.