Things Every Man Should Know By 30

Jump-start a car
This helps you avoid the damsel in distress look, which is a good thing since you’re a man and all.

Give a good handshake
Dainty is no way for a man to shake a hand. Your aim should be to pulverize the fingers of all you greet.

Tie a tie
Have you ever heard of a dude with a clip-on getting laid?

Cook one meal to perfection
She will think you can actually cook.

Hunt or fish
Because nothing says manly like the ability to wear deer urine or carry buckets of worms.

Balance a checkbook
Trust us, it’s hard for the homeless to get dates with the hot chick.

Buy a well-fitting suit
As much as you love your Aqua Team Hunger Force t-shirt, it may be a tad bit inappropriate for special occasions.

Unhook a bra in six seconds flat
Any longer than that and you risk her changing her mind.

Change a flat tire
Because nothing is more emasculating than holding the umbrella for her as she changes the tire in the rain.

Channel Surf W/O hitting Lifetime
If you do, you will regret it.

Calculate a proper tip
Unless you are auditioning for the remake of Reservoir Dogs your cheap ass better be leaving a tip.

Kick an ass
With each punch to the face you take you get less and less attractive to her. Literally and

Order the right drink on command
There’s just something inherently cool about ordering your poison without a second thought.

Drive stick
Racecar drivers get girls. Racecar drivers don’t drive automatics. It’s simple math.

Parallel Park
If you can’t put it in one hole, you probably can’t put it in the other.

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