Hot Cross Girl

How You Know Her: Every Thursday this bombshell steps next to the microphone on the Richie and Greggo Show on 105.3 The FAN and unleashes horror stories from the ER –they’re gross but remember; a hot girl telling a gross story is > than a ugly girl telling one.

Tell us why they call you Hot Gross Girl
The name was given to me by Richie on the first show I did two years ago. I have always had this uncanny gift to gross him out with my stories and adventures. AND for some  strange reason he thinks I’m hot. I think I fall more into the lukewarm category but “lukewarm gross girl” just didn’t seem to roll off the tongue as well. HGG has stuck ever since.

Grossest thing that you have ever had the pleasure to experience
That’s a tough one. Guts, blood, emesis, poop and other bodily fluids are always up there at the top of the list but…I once had to give a sponge bath to a grown man who hadn’t had a bath in weeks. I still get the occasional Christmas card from him. I guess my sponge bathing skills really impressed him.

Coolest part about working with Richie and Greggo
That’s easy; meeting Sexy Sidekick Sybil…she is one cool chick!

Three things you would pack in your zombie apocalypse survival kit
1. My AR15 rifle with all the ammo I can carry
2. Fruit Roll-ups
3. My sock monkey….zombies hate sock monkeys

What are Hot Gross Girl Groupies Like?
If by “groupies” you mean the small pack of weirdo’s who have stopped taking their psych meds and want to touch my hair all the time…I would say they are pretty damn cool. It’s nice to know there are other people who are as sick and demented as me on this planet. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

What are you doing next Friday?
Checking out a Burlesque Show at the Lakewood Theater with my partner in crime… bring along your pasties, giant hula hoops and join us.

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