The USB Fridge / Safe Kitchen Timer

The USB Fridge
Be the “coolest” geek around (at least temperature wise) with the new Double Can USB Fridge. Chill a couple of 12oz. cans or a single bottle of your favorite beverage with this USB-powered fridge. You are sure to become the envy of all your coworkers and have your boss gawking at your cubicle. Oh yeah, and you can keep stuff warm too. What will they think of next?
Price: $37

Safe Kitchen Timer
Fool would-be “leftovers” thieves with this kitchen timer that looks exactly like a safe knob. It’s a pretty cool way not to burn the quiche. Kikkerland Design managed to turn something as simple as a timer into a conversation piece and turn your fridge into a massive combination safe. The burglars will be pissed when they finally crack this one.
Price: $12

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