Asura’s Wrath

If you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you think of seeking and attaining revenge, then Asura’s Wrath is for you. Hell hath no fury like a demi-god scorned. An intensely fun game and almost therapeutic on days when you just want to beat the hell of things, Asura inflicts his wrath on all things that even appear to be standing in his way. This game instantly gives your endorphins an adrenaline shot to the test Pulp Fiction-style with insanely cool graphics from the moment the game starts.

Brutally cool gives way to near thumb atrophy since a lion’s share of the game you spend watching instead of playing. The animation is freakishly breathtaking and hi-res, but ultimately we want to actually play the game and unfortunately for us the developers pretty much forgot about that part. When you do get a chance to play and not watch a cut scene you won’t be disappointed (especially on the level where you have to pretend not to look at boobs…seriously). Asura as you can imagine kicks plenty of butt throughout the game hence the name Wrath. But just when you start to really get into being the vengeful striking hammer of a god – bam – you’re right back to cut scenes. At least they are fun to watch.

This isn’t your typical action game experience due to the fact that it is more like a movie that you have some say in the ending rather than a video game. It’s worth the purchase for the visuals alone. It’s also better to channel your anger through Asura then go postal on your job at Smoothie King. On the coolness meter Asura’s Wrath registers off the circuit board. Give it a try and tweet us your thoughts.

7 out of 10

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