The Answer Guy: September 17th 2012

Dear Arthur,

What are your views on getting serious with a heavily tattooed girl?

Signed, Inquisitive Steve

Interesting question! A lot of people have been writing in lately regarding the physical essence of their mates and potential soul mates. This is alarming because it further empowers the stereotype that Dallas people are superficial and are blindsided by boobs, bulk, and booty.

In the past I’ve dismissed this merely as a distraction from true love created by the mass media gods (i.e. Viacom, Clear Channel, etc. look it up) to limit our perceptions of what beauty really is.  I now realize the inception of it all. We as a society need pretty people in our lives to feel better about ourselves. It’s a psychological Jedi Mind Trick of course that hints at deeper issues, but if it works…it works!

The whole thought of dating a heavily inked chick isn’t a turn off. Kat Von D for example is a colleague of wicked beauty and demented art whose life is a R-rated coming of age story for adults. The point is she’s not afraid to embrace who she is, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of who she is! Being yourself is the new normal: frig conformity!

There is no gratification in sitting on the sidelines of love and letting go of someone you obviously care about simply because you’re afraid of what other people will think of them.  Those are the media gods at work, keeping you unhappy and lonely until they decide you’re worthy of love and a commercial break of the heart!

However, we need those Media Gods in our lives on a semi-regular basis like a good orgasm to remind us that there truly are happy people out there living the lives we wish we had. Damn Jedi mind tricks!

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