Suit Yourself – March Edition 2013

Our expert answers your questions regarding fashion and style fellas!
Our expert answers your questions regarding fashion and style fellas!

By Dwayne Williams

I am a t-shirt and jeans type of guy and rarely head towards anything with buttons or creases. What is the easiest way to start becoming a better-dressed guy without losing myself in the process?
Keep the jeans and layer the t-shirt.  By simply adding a layer on top you can dress up virtually any jean and t-shirt combination.  But before you start layering, make sure you have the right jeans and t-shirt.  I’m a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’, so be sure to invest in a great fitting pair of jeans and a super comfortable t-shirt.  Don’t be afraid to be extremely thorough when you’re shopping.  Go with a modern styled pair of jeans that fit you and your personality extremely well. Finish the look off with a shoe that fits the occasion.  Regardless of your budget, invest the majority of it in your jeans and shoes.  You will be glad you did.

I am often invited to work-related parties and get togethers, but I am never quite sure exactly what “business casual” is, what’s a good go-to look that can’t lose?
Start with a great pair of slacks that fit your body type.  Be sure to get them tailored to the right length with no more than a full break.  Pair your slacks with a nice button down that compliment the slacks.  If it’s a casual pair of cotton khakis, go with a classic oxford with a button down collar.  For more of a crisp look, try a lightweight wool dress pant with a point collar shirt.  Kick both these biz casual looks up a notch with an appropriate sports coat or blazer.

What are a great pair of dress shoes that will be stylish but still comfortable on my feet and my wallet?
Before choosing that perfect dress shoe, determine whether you are a “lace up guy” or a “loafer guy.”  If you like laces, then go for a classic like a saddle oxford or a wingtip style.  But if you feel more confident in a loafer, slide into an updated penny loafer or modern tassel loafer.  For comfort and durability, a leather upper with a minimalistic rubber bottom will do you well.   You can find all the styles for less than a pair of Air Jordan’s without sacrificing quality.

Recently I have been going on a lot of job interviews, what is a good shirt and tie combination for job seeking and which ones should I avoid?
A winning interview shirt and tie combo should consist of a bright, solid-colored dress shirt.  Light blue and white are a sure bet, but light grey, lavender, and patterned dress shirts are appropriate if you are interviewing for more fashionable positions.  A complimentary tie in a solid or diagonal pattern will most likely get you a second interview.  Above all, fit and quality will separate you from the rest.  Look like you “tried to do it” instead of you “had to do it.”