SMU Mustangs

By Sonny Capps

But two Johnsons and a Thompson might… Sometimes, as in life, getting to the second weekend may the hardest thing to do. SMU had its hands full with a full powered offense the Bears possessed Sunday night. Don’t look south; this Mustang offense is ready to take the field against any Conference USA opponent. Baylor’s team looks like they haven’t missed a beat from last year.

I don’t see QB Gilbert having any problem reading defenses, and very little problem with SMU moving the ball. Here’s the game plan… give it to the work horse (read: Zach Line), until the defense keys on him and then exploit the Johnsons and Thompson to spin the opposing coaches into a whirl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling June Jones how to coach; he has always been able to flip the other coaches into making the wrong moves so he can get into the end zone. It will be no different this year.

June and the squad will host a powder puff game this Saturday (which is the second weekend), when Stephen F. Austin comes to Dallas. This should be the “fine tuning game” for the Ponies and Gilbert to get the kinks out and get ready for a tougher schedule. QB Gilbert didn’t look like he was primed against Baylor, but with what he’s been through, I’ll give him that. I’m not singling him out; the whole team looked as if grease was needed to get the gears in motion. When June makes his adjustment and lets the playbook open up, QB Gilbert, RB Line, and the speedsters… JohnsonX2 and Thompson, this team will be a problem for Conference USA opponents.

No game is a “gimme”, but Stephen F. Austin should fold pretty fast to the over powering squad of the Mustangs that will take the field Saturday in the Park Cities of Dallas. I’ll be there, bring your support and get ready for a June Jones offensive highlight real… you may be able to leave by the start of the fourth quarter.

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