A Different Place for “Joe” Six-Pack

By Blake Zipoy

All sports loving, team-worshiping dudes (and dudettes) are probably very familiar with a sports bar.  Lots of big screen TVs, beer, finger foods to snack on and, usually, a cute girl to serve you, if you are lucky.  But I have discovered a hidden treasure that not only offers the above in truckloads, but also adds something you don’t always find in the “franchise” sports bars. Especially when it comes to joints that specialize in “wings.”  I’m talking about Buffalo Joe’s, located in the Carrollton area at the corner of Marsh Lane and Frankford Road, hidden behind the Sonic Drive-In.

Atmosphere ///

The first thing you notice is the ring of TVs circling two separate areas of the place.  One large eating area is filled with lower tables and some bar-height tables, strategically arranged so you can position yourself to view your favorite team.  If you would prefer a more “bar-type” atmosphere, just move to the section by the large bar that stretches across the back wall.  The lighting is dim, but not so low that you need a miner’s cap to find the bathroom, but low enough to allow maximum viewing of the TVs.  If you would prefer sunshine, or have a desire to smoke freely, their outside patios offer ample space and TV monitors so you won’t miss any action.

But you can’t miss the best part – Meghan.  Our waitress Meghan seems to be the standard, not the exception at Buffalo Joes when it comes to the friendly young ladies who are there to assist you.  Meghan was blonde, very friendly, perky, and never stopped smiling. Meghan definitely adds something special to Buffalo Joe’s.

Food ///

I can’t forget about the next most important reasons for going to Buffalo Joe’s, behind Meghan and sports – the food and drink.  First, satisfy your thirst with a pint of Guinness or an ample choice of other draft beer.  As a bit of a beer snob, the Guinness I ordered was nice and cold with a low head and not overly carbonated.  I noticed other dudes with other lagers that looked to be poured just as well.  Buffalo Joe’s has a full bar, so you should not have a problem getting your drink of preference.

Buffalo Joe’s food is also unique for a sports bar.  As the name says, they offer Buffalo wings but also burgers, bar fare like nachos and potato skins, unique sandwiches, pizza, and even salads in case you bring your significant other or are training for a decathlon.

The two dudes I went with tried completely different items.  To pay homage to the joint’s name, I had the wings.  They let me split my order between the lemon pepper and the garlic parmesan.  They have other flavors from “burn-your-mouth-off” mango habanera to BBQ to Joe’s personal buffalo sauce.  The two flavors I had were very good, especially the garlic parmesan (recommended by Meghan). The wings are fried just right, juicy with the sauce working with the chicken, instead of over-powering it. One of the other guys ordered their pizza.  The pizza was solid but the Cuban sandwich that my third companion got was something special.  The pulled pork and ham are very moist, served with Swiss on a hoagie and accented with a spicy Cuban sauce.  Pretty awesome sandwich if I say so myself.

Blitz-worthy ///

Buffalo Joe’s is definitely Blitz-worthy, especially with the start of the glorious football season.  I would give it a happy dude rating as a place where you can watch your favorite NFL and college teams as well as our beloved Texas Rangers as make their push into October.

www.thebuffalojoes.com 3636 Frankford Road Suite 390 Dallas, Texas 75287

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