Rangers sweep Rockies

Photos by Dominic Ceraldi

Scoring Summary


  2nd Jung homered to left center (405 feet). 0 1
  2nd Semien doubled to left, Duran scored and Taveras scored. 0 3
  2nd Seager homered to right center (383 feet), Semien scored. 0 5
  5th Heim singled to center, Lowe scored, Jung to second, García to third. 0 6
  5th Taveras doubled to left, García scored, Heim scored and Jung scored. 0 9
  5th Semien singled to center, Taveras scored. 0 10
  5th Seager doubled to left, Semien scored. 0 11
  6th Moustakas grounded into fielder’s choice to first, McMahon scored on error, Grichuk safe at second on throwing error by first baseman Lowe. 1 11
  8th Doyle doubled to left, Grichuk scored, Moustakas to third. 2 11
  8th Moustakas scored on Leclerc wild pitch, Doyle to third on wild pitch by Leclerc. 3 11
  8th J. Smith homered to right center (394 feet). 3 12
  8th Thompson hit sacrifice fly to center, Seager scored. 3 13